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Dave / Harold

On the series premiere of The Millionaire Matchmaker, the world is introduced to Patti Stanger, a third generation matchmaker who is the founder and CEO of the Millionaire's Club, an exclusive service designed to match successful men to their prospective wives. Patti is armed with not only an elite pool of millionaire clients, but also a database of women holding some of nature's most coveted characteristics: beauty, brains, and class. Helping her millionaires find true love are Patti's office team featuring Destin, her office manager and right-hand man, Chelsea, the Vice President of Matchmaking, and Alison, Millionaires Club Rep in Sales. Every week, Chelsea and Alison bring Patti two new potential clients, and in the premiere episode, millionaires Dave and Harold are looking for love. Patti arrives at Harold's sprawling mansion and gets straight to business. She quickly finds out that although Harold is in his early forties and he desires women much younger. Patti believes this is one of the main reasons he is still single and sets out to find him a match. She predicts that after working with her, Harold will begin to realize that if he listens to her and starts picking age-appropriate women, he will find true love. Patti is also working with "Sex Toy" Dave. She learns that Dave has made his fortune as an entrepreneur in the adult sex toy industry. The built-in stripper pole in his living room is the first clue that Dave is a playboy at heart whose partying days may not be over. Patti tells him that he's sending the wrong signals if he really wants to settle down, but she's willing to work with him. An open call to find the perfect match for each of her millionaires yields some unsatisfying results. Frustrated by the poor turnout, Patti demands that her staff find "the 10s." At the VIP event at the Hollywood Race Track the following day, the staff has pulled together an impressive bunch and the millionaires choose their dates--Dave chooses a petite brunette with a Harvard education and Harold chooses a gorgeous model. During a romantic dinner, Dave seems to have chemistry with his date and even a visit to his pad, stripper-pole and all, which doesn't seem to bother her. Harold and his date enjoy a sunset boat cruise, but the age gap between them takes its toll and they have a hard time connecting in conversation.

Aired: 01/22/2008
TV-14 |