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Another office day begins with Patti learning about the next two millionaires seeking love. Joseph is a self-made real estate mogul who's a bit on the short side, and Xander is a millionaire who has made his fortune in investments and has a young daughter. Patti and her two millionaires meet at Santa Monica's trendy spot, Makai. Patti learns that 5'8" Joseph is dreaming of a tall model type, while Xander feels one of his problems is that he's shy around women he really likes. Patti feels confident she can work her magic on these two and they toast to new beginnings! Back at the office Chelsea gets up the nerve to ask Patti for a long overdue raise. The conversation quickly escalates into a full-blown tirade. Patti's feelings are hurt that her girls, who are like family, are trying to take advantage of her generosity. Chelsea and Alison don't see it that way, however, and later they talk about the possibility of leaving. Despite the fight, Patti knows she needs to focus on her clients. Joseph and Xander meet with Patti in her screening room to get a sneak peek at the girls Patti has found for them. Because the screening room has a two-way mirror, the millionaires hear some very candid answers including how many of them are not interested in dating a "short" guy. Being the great matchmaker she is, Patti finds two beautiful women for each of them. For his first date Patti chooses Megan, a young and sweet girl-next-door type, for Xander. She believes Xander needs a "warm-up" date with someone much younger than he is to work on his dating skills. As they dine near the ocean, Megan's naivete is perfect for Xander as he is able to build his confidence before his second date. Meanwhile, Joseph has planned a romantic dinner in his home for his pick of Joanna, a tall beautiful model-type. Her beauty is only outshined by her ability to talk non-stop! Joseph can't get a word in edgewise and the date ends with no future in sight. Joseph's second date is with Meredith, a cute blond 5'4" comedian, whom Patti chose for him. As they go-cart race and laugh together, Joseph feels potential for a real match. He realizes maybe love doesn't have to be wrapped up in a tall package. Xander is feeling confident on his second date with his number one pick, Violet. After picking her up in a stretch limo, the two head off to the blackjack tables at the Hollywood Park Casino. Xander is so impressed and nervous with Violet's natural beauty that he can't stop complimenting her! Despite her having fun at the tables, the evening ends on a strange note and Xander can't quite tell what kind of impression he has made. In her follow-up with the millionaires, Patti has to break the news to Xander that Violet was a bit creeped out by his excessive compliments. There will be no second date but Patti wants to continue working with Xander on his dating skills. On the other hand, Joseph and Meredith have already scheduled a second date. Overall, Patti is extremely pleased with the results.

Aired: 02/19/2008
TV-14 |