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In a commission business like matchmaking, there are peaks and valleys. Patti needs her sales staff to pick up the pace in recruiting new millionaires. Patti discovers that Allison has broken up with her boyfriend, which may be the reason for her current sales slump. Patti also reveals that even as a top-notch matchmaker, she herself struggles in the relationship category. When Patti learns about Lonnie and Patrick, two millionaires who are considering joining the club, she heads off to meet them and close the deal. Lonnie, a 33-year-old L.A. restaurateur is not so sure he can join the club when he hears about Patti's no-sex rule, but a lively conversation with Patti convinces this player that it's time to give true love a shot. Patrick, a financial advisor, is a geek who needs to be turned chic. Although Patrick's personality is as "stale as day old bread," Patti knows she can work some Millionaire's Club magic to help him find the one. A special casting call to pick women for Lonnie and Patrick yields some interesting results. The appropriate women with beauty, brains and class receive an invitation to meet the guys at a high-end event. The others, whether they like it or not, get an earful from Patti on what they need to change about themselves before they slip back into the dating pool. Later, a tense evening at the office unfolds when Patti learns that one of Alison's prospective clients has not yet sent in his contract and deposit. Patti is in no mood for excuses and Alison leaves in tears. The following evening, Lonnie and Patrick arrive at a hotel to sift through the assortment of women Patti has handpicked for them. After a series of speed dates, the decisions are in -- Patrick and Lonnie make their choices, with the latter choosing a Playboy model. Before the dates, Patti has to work quickly to give her millionaires some very important dating tips. One of Patti's fashion mavens helps Patrick dress to impress for his evening, and Lonnie gets some one-on-one date coaching from a relationship expert. Lonnie wines and dines his date at one of his L.A. hotspots, but it remains to be seen whether any of Patti's advice has really sunk in. A romantic sunset boat cruise is jeopardized when Patrick's date shows up late, but all is not lost for this geek turned chic when they share their first kiss.

Aired: 03/05/2008
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