S1 - E7


In the final episode of the season, Patti's matchmaking skills will culminate in a fairy-tale ending. She has two heavy-hitters up to bat this week as she attempts to find the perfect match for Paul, a Las Vegas real estate developer and businessman, and Heinz, the owner of a successful model and talent agency in Los Angeles. Paul and Heinz are coming from opposite ends of the dating spectrum. Paul has achieved massive success in business and now is truly ready to fulfill his personal destiny. Heinz is divorced and has been a bit closed off to new relationships. After their initial meetings, Patti learns that Paul is a Jewish self-made millionaire from Azerbaijan who would like a Jewish woman who will satisfy him mentally, physically and emotionally. Heinz is in his late 50's and keeps his cards close to his chest. Patti decides a consult with one of her relationship experts will help the situation. After a lunch with Heinz, Dr. Shannon Fox decides that Heinz is attracted to youthful energy but has no youthful energy of his own. She encourages him to be more open and daring as he meets new women at the mixer Patti is hosting for him and Paul. A quick trip to the famous Beverly Hills hotspot, The Shave, puts Paul and Heinz in the right frame of mind to mix and mingle with Patti's choices for them. At the famed Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Paul and Heinz are greeted by a roomful of beautiful women. Paul is focused in his attempt to connect with a partner as he asks pointed questions. Heinz is slower to warm to the situation and Patti jumps in to help him find some common ground. At the end of the evening, Paul has chosen Cidney a USC master graduate who has all the qualities Paul is searching for. Heinz has picked Marcela, a beautiful, relaxed woman who also has been divorced. On their date, Heinz and Marcela sip lemon drop martinis and actually start opening up to each other about life and love. As Heinz slowly lets down his guard, the two act like silly teenagers as they indulge in a tray of scrumptious treats. Paul whisks Cidney away for a spectacular evening in Las Vegas. Over dinner they realize they share a lot of the same goals and interests and a helicopter ride over the strip gets the romantic juices flowing. As they sip a glass of wine back at Paul's condo, the quintessential businessman takes a risk he never thought possible - he asks Cidney to marry him. A shocked Cidney responds with a solid "I will consider it" but she wants them to get to know each other better. In his follow-up with Patti, Heinz reveals that although he had a lot of fun with Marcela, he is not so sure he will ask her out again. Patti realizes Heinz will need more work to become truly ready for love. When Patti learns that Paul proposed to Cidney, she states that it's not the first time this has happened. It seems that Cidney was Paul's soulmate from the start and in this business of love, Patti hears these types of stories all the time. It's not the first time she has found a perfect match...and it won't be the last either.

Aired: 03/04/2008
TV-14 |