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At the office, Patti discusses with Alison and Chelsea the basic problems with modern men and how dating has changed. Good thing the matchmaker has her work cut out for her! This week, Patti and staff have not just two, but three new Millionaires to cater to. This week Peter Shane, a businessman who has made his fortune in manufacturing and selling how-to meditation tapes, is looking for a thirties, intelligent, independent, spiritual woman who shares his love for meditation and nature. Patti loves every detail that Peter Shane tells her and she admits that at first sight, she can't see any illnesses. She cannot wait to get started! Aside from having three new clients this week, Patti's parents are flying in for a visit with their daughter. When she picks them up from the airport, Patti's mom asks for the scoop on Patti's own love life, which Patti admits has been strained due to her long working hours. Even the matchmaker needs a little T.L.C.! Next Patti meets Tai and German, two friends who have just purchased a sprawling home in Malibu. Both are young, gorgeous, and wealthy. Patti is a bit skeptical about whether these two young men with money are really ready to find their one true loves. After a moment of hesitation, they pledge that they are ready to meet "the one!" Not only are they ready, they are ready together and want Patti to set them up on a double date! Patti is not at all thrilled to hear this but she obliges. How bad could it be? The pressure is on at Millionaires Club as Alison, Chelsea, and Destin work the phones to make sure they have a great group of women ready for the Millionaires big yacht event. They need spiritual, centered women for Peter Shane, and energetic, fun-loving girls for Tai and German. To make sure the guys are dressed their best, Patti sends Tai and German to Sam Saboura, stylist and fashion guru. After finally separating the men and getting them to focus, both Tai and German step out with in new duds with their best feet forward. The big event is here! Joining Patti on the yacht are her parents, Tai, German, and Peter Shane. After telling the girls a bit about the Millionaires, Patti lets the men loose to mingle with the women. Tai and German are joined at the hip, each one the other's wingman, and Patti has to step in and separate the two several times so they can meet women independently. They each select women to mini-date, and in the end, Tai and German pick each other's dates, Erin and C.J., two women who actually hit it off together! Peter, on the other hand, goes against what he had initially told Patti he was looking for and chooses Cynthia, a young twenty-something model from Texas. Patti is not happy about his decision but she saw it coming a mile away. She knows this is the perfect opportunity to teach this millionaire a lesson about women. Erin and C.J., the women Tai and German have chosen as their dates, are in for a surprise when they are greeted by the millionaires, sans shirts! C.J. takes the joke with a laugh; Erin, however, still must be won over by her millionaire. Once Tai and German return fully clothed, the group heads off to Honey for a night of dancing. Both dancers, Erin and C.J. move wonderfully with their partners and it looks like love is in the air. However, once the group sits down to dinner, German and C.J. hit it off perfectly, laughing, touching, and flirting. Tai tries to flirt with Erin by putting his arm around her and ends up making her uncomfortable. The night ends, but we will see who gets a second date and who gets dumped. Peter Shane takes Cynthia on a horseback ride, which goes well, and then to a restaurant on the water. He surprises her by meditating before taking a single bite. Cynthia watches and responds by taking an interest in her wine. With little to talk about after their ride, the date progresses slowly. When Patti meets with Peter Shane to get the scoop on his date with Cynthia, he admits that although she was young and pretty, there was no chemistry or compatibility with the two. All is not lost on this millionaire as Patti once again proves her matchmaking skills! The next day Patti gets a call from Erin, Tai's date, and is not happy with what she hears. Erin tells Patti that Tai came on a little strong and she's not at all a fan of Tai being inseparable from his wingman. When Tai and German come in to Patti's office to discuss their dates, Patti must tell Tai that Erin is not interested. German however, is happy with C.J. and is eager to set date number two. Looks like these two millionaires are going to have to start taking Patti's advice and begin living their lives separately if they really want to find love.

Aired: 03/12/2008
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