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Aviva: My Dad, the Godzilla of Embarrassment

Aviva is thrilled for her father and Cody because "love is love," even if he sometimes embarrasses her.

Sonja's funeral for Millou seems to have helped her move forward. Millou was her best friend and loss is so tragic. I think it was a first doggie funeral for all of us and I hope you all found some comic relief amidst all the sadness.

I am so thrilled for my father and Cody because they are happy. Cody is lovely, smart, and mature. My kids love her and as I write this, my father and Cody are returning from Europe. They are both consenting adults and love is love.

People's dads are often a bit embarrassing to them. The only difference here is that my dad is REALLY embarrassing. I mean big-time, huge, Godzilla embarrassing. Now that he's found happiness with Cody, he should be a little less . . . assuming he stops trying to bed everything that moves. Life would have been so much more simple if the accident had cut off his c--- instead of my leg.


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