S2 - E4

Relationships Are Better Than Your Head

Jo seeks advice from her role model and friend, Jeana, about the struggles with her new independence and the pull of her relationship with Slade. Jeana, Jo, Lauri and Vicki attend the Orange County Home & Garden expo together. Unresolved tension between Jo and Lauri stemming from Lauri's relationship with Slade comes to a head and Jo finally learns the truth about the nature of Lauri's relationship with Slade. Feeling hurt and betrayed, Jo invites Jeana's son - the studly Shane - out for a night on the town with her and her girlfriends. Lauri and Josh have a painful heart-to-heart. As he prepares for his 18th birthday, Josh is realizing that the future is in his hands and only he can set himself on the path to success. Lauri does her best to include her son as she builds a new life with George. Tammy's rebellious daughter, Megan, makes an effort to re-connect with her family. She invites an unenthusiastic Tammy to a Pit Bull breed show, where she introduces her new boyfriend, Roman, to her dad, Lou. Megan also ponders a nose job. Vicki's daughter Briana will soon be attending nursing school. Vicki finds it hard to let go of her obsession with work - and her daughter - when they take a day trip together to drop some things off at Briana's new condo.

Aired: 02/06/2007
TV-14 |