Epsiode Five

Epsiode Five

Season 2 |
Aired: February 13, 2007

Resentment surfaces when Slade is more than generous to Jo on her birthday, when all Jo wants to do is party with her girlfriends in L.A. Feeling unappreciated and bitter, Slade decides that it's time for a guy's night out with his buddies...and some girls.

Lauri and George decide to take the entire family on a lavish vacation to Maui, Hawaii. After an adventurous boat ride with the family, Lauri confides in Ashley that she feels guilty that Josh was not able to enjoy the trip with them.

Jeana welcomes a strange houseguest into her home when Shane invites a girl he met on the Internet to come spend a few days with them. Everyone is on eggshells from the moment the "Miss Canada Galaxy" contestant arrives at their front door. Shane's hosting skills are put to the test as he attempts to make "Canada" feel welcomed. Jeana throws a small BBQ for Labor Day weekend.

When 17-year-old Lindsey finally gets her driver's license, can daddy resist the need to buy her a luxury car? Will Orange County drivers ever be safe again?

Meanwhile, Vicki's patience is tested when she tries to balance work and taking care of Lucy, the new puppy.

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