S2 - E1

The Housewives are Back!

In the first episode of the second season of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County, Slade is green with envy as Jo heads off to a Playboy party at the mansion with her girlfriend JJ. Jo and Slade are back together as a couple, but both are mistrusting of each other, especially since Slade's romantic encounter with Lauri when Jo and Slade were broken up. Lauri is ecstatic after meeting George, the man of her dreams. George is a wealthy businessman in Orange County with four kids. Both families are spending time together and getting to know one another, while Josh is away at a special residential program working on his behavioral and substance abuse problems. Jeana is excelling as a real estate agent in the community while Shane struggles with a recent back injury, which is keeping him from playing professional baseball. As usual, Kara and Shane fight while Jeana's husband Matt tries to keep his cool. Kara and kid brother, Colton, bond after the death of their dog, Shire. Jeana has lunch with her girlfriend, Tammy, who needs a new place to live in the community after her house was severely damaged by a flood. She is a single mother of three who just ended a ten-year relationship. Vicki tries to give her son, Michael, a taste of working in the "real world" after he slacked off all summer and grated on Vicki's nerves with his defiant behavior. Also, Vicki hires a new staffer to hold down the fort and learn the insurance business. Vicki meets up with her mother at dinner and is reminded as to why she constantly craves affection and affirmation. Meanwhile, Kimberly is leaving Orange County with her family and moving to Chicago. After a skin cancer scare with her son, Travis, Kimberly and her husband decided to move the kids to Chicago.

Aired: 01/16/2007
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