S4 - E3

Block Party

This week, the remaining chefs really got a taste of Chicago. First, in the Quickfire Challenge, Padma challenged them to create upscale tacos for renowned Chicago Chef Rick Bayless. While some chefs, like Richard and Andrew, rose to the challenge, reinventing their tacos with luxurious ingredients, other chefs, like Spike, refused to elevate the "street" taco. In the end, Richard's jicama shell won over Chef Bayless', securing his victory and immunity. The next challenge found the chefs in teams again -- this time, however, no animals were involved. The two teams were taken to the Chicago suburbs where they had to first gather ingredients from the residents' homes and then cater the street's block party. Both teams basically stuck to typical party fare, like sliders, macaroni and cheese, and ... paella?! The judges weren't too thrilled with either team, but deemed the Blue team's efforts better, and gave Stephanie, who made a dessert and a "sexy" drink, her second win of the season. Unfortunately, Erik got sent home for soggy corn dogs.

Aired: 03/26/2008
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