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Film Food

This week, the chefs mixed their business with a little pleasure. But first, they were tasked with a Quickfire Challenge to demonstrate their technical skills to none other than Chef Daniel Boulud. The majority of the chefs simply put their knife skills to the test, with Dale proving the most impressive to Chef Boulud. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs were once again divided into teams, this time into teams of two, where they had to create a five-course meal inspired by each team's favorite movie. In another fun twist, the teams, Willy Wonka, Good Morning, Vietnam, Talk to Her, Il Postino, and Top Secret, were also cooking for a group that included film critic Richard Roeper and actress Aisha Tyler. In the end, the Willy Wonka team of Richard, Andrew, and Dale created a delicious dish that reflected their cinematic inspiration, giving Richard the win. While Spike and Manuel's Vietnamese-inspired rolls didn't quite make the cut, sending Manuel home.

Aired: 04/22/2008
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