S4 - E11

Restaurant Wars

Well, it happened -- the most highly anticipated challenge (besides the finale of course) of the season. Restaurant Wars started off at a fast pace with the chefs have to work a short order line making eggs for some lucky Chicago eaters. Most of the chefs had a pretty difficult time with it, but Antonia rose to the challenge, winning a pretty significant advantage in the Elimination Challenge -- choosing her team. Antonia stuck with her Restaurant Wars team of Richard and Stephanie to create "Warehouse Kitchen," a gastro-pub-inspired restaurant. Dale, Lisa, and Nikki formed "Mai Buddha," an Asian cuisine-inspired restaurant. Both teams were allowed to choose one former contestant to help them out. While Warehouse chose Nikki to help them roll out some paste, Mai Buddha enlisted Jennifer. Weak food and weaker teamwork caused the downfall of Mai Buddha and sent Dale, the appointed executive chef packing, while Stephanie prevailed as the victor.

Aired: 05/21/2008
TV-14 |