S4 - E10

Serve and Protect

This week, the chefs focused on good, healthy food. First, the Quickfire Challenge brought the return of Season 2 favorite Sam Talbot who challenged the chefs to bring the sexy back to the salad. And they had a whopping 45 minutes to do so. Spike's "sensual" beef salad came out on top. Although he didn't get immunity, Spike had the advantage of choosing an item from each food group that the other chefs couldn't use in the Elimination Challenge, where the chefs had to create a healthy and hearty lunch box meal for a Chicago police department. His advantage proved not to be so advantageous as Spike was in the bottom three for his lackluster chicken salad, while Dale shined with his bison lettuce cups. Spike was joined by Andrew and Lisa at Judges' Table, where Lisa called Andrew out for not following the directions, and ultimately Andrew was sent home.

Aired: 05/14/2008
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