Africa Miranda

Africa updates you on her "friendship" with Vawn, shares her thoughts on Alex, and what this season meant to her.

on Oct 29, 2013

I can't believe we're at the end! It has definitely been a "journey" and I've learned a lot and literally seen myself in a whole new way. I'm still getting used to my life playing out in such a public way. With that said, at the end of this season I can say that I've enjoyed it all and enjoyed the interaction and feedback from all of you.

So now let's get into the episode.

I left the hotel the night before worried if Vawn was OK. The next morning he came by my house to talk and while I knew he was still upset I was glad that he had started to cool down. I understood how he felt but also hoped that it would be resolved.

When I got Tribble's text I didn't know how it was going to all play out. I never really knew how the conversation outside went until I saw this episode. All I knew is that Vawn said Tribble apologized and that it was done. I respect that they have differing opinions but glad that Tribble apologized and they can move on.