Jevon 'Vawn' Sims

Vawn shares how the show changed his perspective, why he rejected Alex, and what about him you still need to learn.

on Oct 30, 2013

Vawn's Final Thoughts. . .

I'm happy to have made it this far, but I'm sad to know that it's over so quickly! There are so many people to thank, but I want to start by thanking God for giving me the power to believe in my passion and pursue my dreams. I would also like to thank Eastern TV, Mona Scott Young, Bravo, and everyone who worked on the show. Without you giving me this opportunity, none of this would be possible. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Now on to the final episode!

I was really upset about Tribble's actions at my town hall meeting. What he did was very disrespectful. He interrupted the meeting more than once, grabbed a microphone, and said things that were inappropriate -- and then put his hands on me more than once. It was not even his event, and it was not his place to behave in that manner. For myself, I could have handled the situation differently. I'm growing everyday. But I did give Tribble several passes. I tried to be the bigger man, but he pushed me to the point of no return.

After watching this episode, I'm still upset at myself for my actions. To see Tribble and Emily say they don't understand why I was upset was crazy to me! Deep down inside Tribble knew he was wrong, and Emily knew he was wrong too.