Jevon 'Vawn' Sims

Vawn shares how he feels about Alex, Africa, and about their "self-defense" fight in the bathroom.

on Oct 15, 2013

Now let’s talk about this fight. The fight was NOT about me! Even though the world wants to think that it was, it really wasn’t. I don’t condone two women fighting over any man. I’m not attracted to that at all. It started out as a witty conversation then it became aggressive. I’m not really mad at anyone because I’m not here to judge. But I don’t understand why Alex would push Africa to that level. Africa was only doing what anybody else would do, which is stand up for herself. It’s called self-defense, not fighting over a man. I just wanted to clear it up to everyone that it didn’t have anything to do with me.

In the episode, I also saw Emily trying to tell Africa what Tribble told her about my philosophy on women -- which wasn’t the truth. Africa knows the entire story and the way I think -- which is why she wasn’t surprised when she was talking to Emily. I’m not pushing for intimacy nor sex (even though I think she’s sexy), but my actions are always going to be building our friendship. I want to make sure I don’t take advantage of our friendship because that’s way more important to me.

Have a great day and embrace your own honesty.