Vawn Is Pickier Than You Think

Vawn shares how he feels about Alex, Africa, and about their "self-defense" fight in the bathroom.

Watching this episode was cool. Alex came by my house to talk to me about something. I was taken back a little bit when she said we could be a power couple. I feel like she tells everyone that so I need more time to see if she’s really sincere about it or not. I guess it’s flattering though.

Everyone in the world probably doesn’t think I’m a picky guy and don’t have any values but you’re wrong! Just because someone shows interest in you doesn’t mean you have to take it. Just so you know I’m picky about a lot of values. I have more values than you think I do. . .LOL. But that’s fine because everyone doesn’t get it until they get it.

On to the date with Africa: It was fun, cool, and playful like we always do. One thing I hope you learned is that everything I said on the previous episode, I did. Meaning I was extremely honest and upfront with her.

You can commend Africa on being a woman who knows how to ask the right questions. Most women don’t know to ask the right questions before they get their feelings so involved in a man. And men need to learn how to tell the truth when women ask these questions -- before sex and before they get what they want. I’m not ready to be in a relationship and if you want to know why, then go to to buy my book. It will inform you on everything you want to know.

Now let’s talk about this fight. The fight was NOT about me! Even though the world wants to think that it was, it really wasn’t. I don’t condone two women fighting over any man. I’m not attracted to that at all. It started out as a witty conversation then it became aggressive. I’m not really mad at anyone because I’m not here to judge. But I don’t understand why Alex would push Africa to that level. Africa was only doing what anybody else would do, which is stand up for herself. It’s called self-defense, not fighting over a man. I just wanted to clear it up to everyone that it didn’t have anything to do with me.

In the episode, I also saw Emily trying to tell Africa what Tribble told her about my philosophy on women -- which wasn’t the truth. Africa knows the entire story and the way I think -- which is why she wasn’t surprised when she was talking to Emily. I’m not pushing for intimacy nor sex (even though I think she’s sexy), but my actions are always going to be building our friendship. I want to make sure I don’t take advantage of our friendship because that’s way more important to me.

Have a great day and embrace your own honesty.

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God Bless, Vawn Should Move On

Emily's glad Vawn accepted Tribble's apology but wishes he could really let it go. Meanwhile she's moved on from Justin.

Well, it's been a wild ride but a very fun one! Thanks so much for tuning in each week, I hope you enjoyed the season!

I, of course, had to check on my boy Herbert! It was interesting to see Vawn and Africa's conversation and then mine and Tribble's conversation about what happened at the seminar. For the record I do not want to date Vawn but I just don't like men treating women like s---. End of story!

Once again Alex and her rave gear -- a joke. No, I will not put your "gear" in my shop that you bought somewhere else. Not how that works.

I am SO glad Emily and I made up she is my best friend. I had to step up and say something, we don't fight like that. She and I are still best friends, but she does not work at the shop anymore. It was very clear to us that we cannot jeopardize our friendship for a job.

Tribble's apology to Vawn was very sincere. Even though Vawn said he accepted it and move on -- God bless, he has not put it behind him. Vawn was out-of-line as well and he didn't say sorry for his actions. Wish it didn't get to that point, but it did.

I was just at home doing work when I hear a knock at the door, it was Justin! I was shocked! I know I hurt him and he hurt me but we had to stay away from each other for a while. We had a rocky end but he needed to know the truth, I'm not in love. We have both moved on and we are cordial when we see each other out.

I love the Lipstick Junkies! Their show was so cute and so much fun! I am so proud of Africa, they did a fabulous job!

But um, did Alex seriously show up to Africa's show?!? She has got some balls to show up like that. I don't know why Vawn left Africa's show but I am so proud of him for not going with Alex! They seem happy together so I wish them the best.

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