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Amy Addresses the Rumor

Amy Johnson dishes on all the drama with Kat Held.

By Amy Johnson Was the story Adrienne shared about your falling out with Kat completely true?
Amy Johnson: I had never met Adrienne until she came aboard Ohana. Oddly enough, she somehow knew for the most part what made our friendship take a turn. Yes, Kat and I were very close, and there was a situation that happened that made me realize the friendship was best left in the past. End of story. Regardless of the details between me and Kat and our friendship, it was years ago, had nothing to do with Adrienne, and frankly it was none of her business. I think the only reason to talk about things in the past is if it positively affects the future. In my opinion there was no point of bringing up the history between me and Kat, it wasn't going to change anything. At the time it baffled me how Adrienne even knew anything about it in the first place, and now I wonder if Kat didn't tell Adrienne herself during the course of their friendship.

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[video_clip_url:] What inspired you to confront Jennice about Kelley?
AJ: For me and Jennice, up until this point, our main common ground was Kelley. I knew I wasn't going to let her decision spill over and affect our working relationship, but I did want to tell her how I felt. I am the type of person that if I have something I feel strongly about, I'm going to say it, get it out there, and put it behind us. I'm not saying it's always the best way to handle a situation, it's just how I deal with things. In this case, you see my "sister claws" come out a little bit… I whole heartedly believe everything I tell her, and I know that at some point, whenever that time may come, she will agree with me as well. What made you so upset about Kat and Kate discussing the rumor?
AJ: I was so confused when everyone came back from the beach, it was like this crazy chaotic tornado. I had no idea about what went down between Kat and Adrienne, all I knew is what I was hearing down the hall from Kat going off. At first I thought Kat was upset because of something that went down between her and her old chief stew, but then I heard my name a couple of times. When I heard she was talking about me, I thought I would just pop my head in, we'd talk it out like adults, and settle whatever was going on. Obviously, you see how well that went over. 

I wasn't hurt by the things being said, I was able to shake that off. What bothered me was that they were being said to my chief stew, Kate, who I believed had a great working relationship with me and I thought of her as a leader. When the two people you work with, one of whom is your boss, are in a room and negative things are being said about you, yes, it can be hurtful. But beyond that it is really unprofessional.

It wasn't until I heard Kat's version of the story from other crew members that I started to piece together what happened at the beach. Kat had told everyone but me what went down between her and Adrienne. I was confused why someone upset about a "rumor" would continuing to add fuel to the fire instead of talking to the person it involved and easily resolving any issue.  

[video_clip_url:] Was Kelley a good source of support on the charter?
AJ: To say Kelley was a good source of support is an understatement. He was such a rock for me...and honestly, the only way I made it throughout the entire season. I could go on and on about his encouragement and support, but you will get to see that as the charters go on. Not only did this experience strengthen our bond as siblings, but also are bond as friends. How difficult was the conversation with Kate?
AJ: Very. I tried to address the situation with Kat head on, and put an end to any drama with her as soon as I realized there was something going on. Kate was in the room while Kat was going off, and when I tried to resolve the issue, I got a door slammed in my face. As the chief stew, she is the leader and manager of our interior team; in this situation I felt more like I was dealing with high school girls rather than my boss and co-worker. 

After that occurred, I just wanted to put it out of my mind and focus on doing a great job for our guests onboard. At the end of the night we were done with service and it was time for me to call it a day. I wanted to chat with Kate quickly, hoping to get some sort of resolution, and instead I was met with sass. I know we have very different communication styles. I need to talk things out, and she likes to fold things. Her telling me she "already tried to be nice to me and didn't feel like it anymore" might have been the best response; I was so shocked I had nothing else to say. Looking back, I wish I could have taken a breath, stepped back, and not needed any reassurance from Kate. With all the drama that evening, combined with Kate's response to me, I felt totally isolated, which made the situation just seem that much more overwhelming. 

[video_clip_url:] Did Jennice end up being a good roommate?
AJ: Yes, Jennice and I were pretty much on opposite schedules with different interior/exterior rotations, so it worked out pretty well. Living with anyone in such tight quarters, especially two girls sharing a tiny bathroom, and not killing each other in the end deserves an award in itself. Was this the most difficult charter you've ever worked?
AJ: This was a pretty tough one… not because the work itself, but because of the things going on below deck. I hear Kat yelling some pretty brutal things about me, I know she and I are going to have to work some things out, I feel like the odd man out on the interior team, I'd like to jump ship and swim ashore, my chief stew dismisses me and tells me she is tired of being nice to me… and to top it all off I ugly cry in a pirate costume. Come on, that's pretty hard to beat. But even during all the chaos, the most important goal is to keep your chin up, keep going, smile, and do our job in a way that the guests have no idea what is going on. We were able to do that, and that's a factor that separates the good from the great in our industry.

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