Captain Lee: I was Shocked How Rude Lauren was to Kate

Captain Lee: I was Shocked How Rude Lauren was to Kate

Captain Lee thinks his crew needs to be less focused on their social and love lives.

OK, I’m back. Sorry about missing last week, but I ran into some technical difficulties in New York and wasn’t able to get my work done on time. But, I’m back on the grid now. Would someone please tell me who got on board and stole my crew, because I’m not sure I recognize these people at all! Did someone get on board and loosen up the lug nuts, because it sure seems like the wheels are coming off for sure.

The guests are just the best. We have romance in the air, but it shouldn’t affect my crew. Where are their heads? Never mind, I withdraw that question. Everyone, save for a couple, seem more preoccupied with their social, and love life than the task at hand. Which, by the way, is running a successful charter yacht to the highest standards. Instead they are running around worrying more about getting laid than anything else. I feel I could write a novel about everything that has transpired this week, not simply a blog. So we might as well jump right in.

Lauren, I must say I was shocked at how rude you were to Kate. You interrupt a conversation that she is having with Nico and demand that he stop this conversation because, “You and he need to have a conversation…NOW.” Really? I agree with Kate, who in the world do you think you are? You are a deckie, and a junior deckhand at that, and you’re interrupting a chief stew, a department head, because what you have is much more important than a serious safety issue. You better get over yourself girl or things won’t be going well in your future, I assure you. You were the one that left the pizza trail up the stairs to the wheelhouse; right after you demanded Kelley make you a grilled cheese sandwich. On a lighter note, I did love your line when you called Emily a “cheeky sod.” I thought that was funny. A bit of advice, if you can’t behave better than that when you drink, you might want to rethink how much you consume before you go barking orders at anyone.

Nico, how do you take orders from and junior deckhand, turn your back on a department head, and just walk away. Rude behavior as well. I expected better from you. Especially when all she is trying to do is find out how we had a serious safety situation on board and you were the one who found it. Where are your priorities? And let’s see, you seem to think that I have it out for the deck crew. Don’t you think that someone needs to check on you guys, because you obviously are not getting it done properly? I would prefer that I not spend my time baby-sitting you guys, but then that would require that you do your jobs properly. So when the guests notice it, it’s time for me to step in. In all fairness, you guys nailed the docking, and you did a fine job in pulling the anchor. And with exception of how you dealt with Kate, good job on catching the potential disaster with the panini maker as well.

Pizza and Panini Press Problems #BelowDeck

Let’s move on to our Lothario from Manchester, Kyle. I’m trying to figure out why you’re chasing after Sierra like a love struck puppy dog when I can’t see that she has displayed any interest in you whatsoever. If not for the prodding by Kate, with whom by the way I didn’t agree, she never would have given you the time of day. So I just couldn’t figure out your constant pursuit. And did I hear that correctly that you “came out” to your dad. That’s all good, but don’t you think that may have been something Sierra might have wanted to know, seeing as you were trying to bed her without any “Hamiltons” as you put it. My, you are full of surprises, sir, and I think there is more to you than meets the eye. I do feel that Sierra should not have accepted your date request. I didn’t feel that she was being honest or fair with you. That being said, I also felt that Kelley should have kept his opinions to himself. You seemed completely capable of handling it on your own, and the way you explained it to Sierra at dinner I think said it all quite nicely. You’re doing an adequate job on deck, I just think you and everyone else needs to focus more on their jobs as opposed to their social lives.

So now on to Kelley. I feel that this week for you falls under the category of “What were you thinking?” I do think that Emily should have been more forthright in letting you know that she wasn’t interested in you in a romantic way. That being said, I do think that when you found out she was going out with Ben, you did take it out on whoever was close. The Sierra and Kyle thing was not your concern. Their personal lives are not management’s concern until it affects their work. It didn’t affect Kyle’s work, and it was his problem to deal with. It was not your place to have a confrontation with Sierra in Kyle’s defense. He can put his big boy pants on and handle that himself. And while we are at it, since when does management blatantly state in front of his crew, “All I want to do tonight is get drunk?” Right, that won’t embarrass you or the boat, will it? As far as the date Em had with Ben, get over it. Should she have been more up front with you, yeah, but that didn’t happen and she went out with Ben. Message delivered, maybe not how you liked it, but delivered nonetheless. Deal with it. This is the real world and you are going to have to learn to handle rejection and criticism much better than you displayed in this episode or you’re in for a lot of frustrating times my friend.

Emily Chooses Ben Over Kelley

Oh, and Kate didn’t throw you under the bus in front of me, your deck crew did, mainly Lauren. You owned up to the panini maker being your fault, way to step up, but most of the drama that was caused was by you. Not exactly the way I like to see my bosun act. I think you need to stop trying to be your crew’s best friend and boss at the same time. Never works and you may find that out the hard way I fear. But for me, I think you will bring it around, I still have faith.

Kate, I think you should have quit while you were ahead with playing cupid. You seemed to have hit a home run with Em and Ben, but I feel the Kyle and Sierra thing was a total disaster. I have to disagree with you on one point too. I think Em should have told Kelley that she had no romantic interest in him at all. Had she, the evening out would probably went a lot smoother. And if I were not so terrified of you, I would probably tell you that. I thought you and the girls did a great job on charter, but I hope you didn’t shoot yourself in the foot with Em and Ben getting together. You may find yourself getting tag teamed if they start spending more time paying attention to each other than their respective jobs. Oh, and good job getting Nico to play Elvis, since he is the most handsome man. And that qualifies him for the job. Well done. I also thought your advice to Kelley was spot on as well. It’s going to get interesting I fear, and I’m fearless. Another good charter for you.

Moving on to Emily. I was glad to see you and Ben enjoy each other’s company. I thought it quite nice. I do wish you had told Kelley ahead of time like you did Lauren and Nico. I thought he could have used that information more than they could. Now I hope you and Ben can keep things in perspective so your respective roles on the yacht aren’t compromised. All in all, I thought you had a good week as well.

Hey there, Ben. Wow, I don’t think I have ever seen you display shyness. I thought it was quite becoming on you. You really were smitten with Emily. I have never seen you take out the trash for anyone. Wow. I hope, as I told Em, that it doesn’t interfere with the way you both perform your duties on board. What always never ceases to amaze me about you is your insane ability to pull outstanding dishes out of your head and create wonderful dinning experiences just from your own knowledge of your craft. Always impresses me when you do that. The guests loved it all and you had a good week sir.

And last but not least, Sierra. I only have a couple of things I noticed. I do think you should have rejected Kate’s advice about going with Kyle, but if you were going to do it, then either tell him it’s not a date, just platonic friends going to spend time, or pay attention to him, not your phone. That was just plain rude. I also didn’t think it was in your best interest to confront Kelley. You were in a no-win situation with that one. It wasn’t Kelley’s business, but you brought him into the mix when you brought it up to him. Obviously Kyle speaking to him was enough to stoke that fire. I felt you didn’t owe Kelley any explanation; Kyle, yes, Kelley, no.

So on that note, I don’t think I left anyone out. I don’t really feel this was a very good week for the crew of Valor. As I stated in the beginning of this blog, most of the crew could have spent more time worrying about their jobs and not their social lives, and it would have been time well spent. And if the previews are any indication of what I have coming over the horizon, I don’t see things getting much better anytime soon. On that note, thanks for watching and may you have the wind at your back, and calm water beneath your keel. Until next time.

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