Simone's Unanswered Questions

Simone's Unanswered Questions

Dr. Simone apologizes for not calling Mariah and commends Andy on bring up the major points.

The doctor is in and relieved.

I am truly relieved the Married to Medicine season has come to an end and we can finally have peace and healing in our lives, separately and eventually collectively.

As I watch the #Married2Med Reunion with you, I am wondering if we answered the many questions you had during the season. Since most of our season revolved around the issue of Mariah’s daughter''s adoption by Dr. Aydin becoming revealed by Toya, I might as well start this topic.

Toya’s husband, Dr. Eugene paid a compliment about Dr. Aydin for stepping up to the plate and being a real man/husband/father by taking in Mariah’s daughter as his very own. From this statement, the drama begins because we realize Mariah shared the information about her daughter’s adoption with Toya in confidence. Mariah alleges Toya also managed to share the information with several people, including her hair stylist. We all know when you tell one person something, it can become international news as people spread gossip and tell other folks’ business. Valuable lesson learned by Mariah and an unfortunate one as well. Toya continues to deny telling a soul other than Dr. Eugene.

I couldn’t believe I got so emotional. I was pissed at Mariah for expecting perfection from me and others when she fell short of it herself. I was WRONG WRONG WRONG for not calling her after the fight. I made one simple mistake. I didn’t take anyone’s side because I had no idea why Mariah and Toya were fighting. Eventually, I could see the pain in Mariah’s eyes and understood the depth of destruction in her home from her daughter’s secret being exposed. I apologized for the delay in calling her. She said accepted my apology. How many times can I apologize for the same mistake?

I was so grateful Dr. Jackie spoke out with some of her thoughts during Reunion (thanks Andy for asking all of the right questions). We didn’t hear as much from her during the season because she tends to think “Silence is golden” when everyone is dying to know what is on her mind. She made some “golden” points.

The exchange between Quad and Toya and Quad and Kari was funny. As usual, Quad came prepared with her speaking points and props! The theme song created for Quad was perfect. I was waiting to become a target of those points and props but I narrowly escaped it for tonight. Whew, what a relief! I’m not on her good side but at least, I’m not on her “most hated” side . . .yet. Multiple personalities and multiple issues among friends really created an interesting division.

I can’t wait to watch Part 2 of the Reunion with you. It looks as if we have a surprise guest, Ms. Lucy!!!! Stay tuned.

So much thanks for all of the support and positive comments from Twitter, Facebook, and Your feedback really lifts my spirits daily and gives me some of the same great joy I receive from my patients! Thank you. Thank you

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