Quad's Lies and Mariah's Drama

Quad's Lies and Mariah's Drama

Toya thinks that Quad doesn't understand the ramifications of her actions because she isn't a mother.

So excited for my family visiting! Eugene and I both decided to start our family in Atlanta, but at the expense of not having our immediate family close. Our families live hours away, and we try to show them how much we love and miss them every time they visit. Our mothers are both very protective and take every opportunity to express how proud they are of us. Cooking a gourmet meal with the help of Chef Chris turned out fabulous. We made it a point to keep negativity away from our household and conversations. I will not waste precious time with my family discussing petty drama.

Lucy, aka Carrie Lightfoot, aka Mariah's mom talking in such a negative way about myself and Kari as if they're perfect and without judgement is terrible. Perfect people don't have to take on a new name or identity. You would think the fighting was enough. Mariah and I both are very ashamed of the situation and hopefully we will continue to keep negative people and their opinions at arms reach. We are mothers, wives, Christians, and examples for others to follow, so let's act like it. Seriously, I'm getting mad at how much they continue to discuss her daughter's situation. It needs to stop! One compliment, one innocent comment does not warrant a whole season of discussion.

I'm sorry Jackie and Simone continue to be forced to deal with the immature cattiness.  The WOW Grand Opening was a beautiful success and deserved nothing but positivity. But I commend them for their efforts once again of bringing everyone together. I think Simone and Jackie are starting to see that in this circle, even an apology isn't enough and some people just love drama. High school behavior in adults is just ridiculous and it makes you wonder why some people find it entertaining. I think a lesson in adult friendships is necessary all around!

Quad: one word. . .LIAR! Quad showed her hand when she stated my hairdresser's name. "Deedy," Deedy Whales, my hairdresser is a well known freelance artist in the entertainment industry. She does NOT work within a hair salon! Now, if someone asked me why I believe Quad and I have our challenges, yes, I would tell the truth. Quad is very busy. . .at being angry! So what. We never attended your wedding! Reflect that negative energy over there. Your husband's text message canceling the wedding, definitely put us in a place where we weren't interested in attending. Get over it! Word of advice: don't invite people to anything that YOU really don't want there.

Quad's behavior at the lunch was very shocking to me. I knew she was a mouth piece, but never at the expense of a family's reputation. I'm assuming, because she is newly married and has no kids, she's unaware of how her actions of spreading rumors affect others. She, again, has decided to take what she HEARD and try to make it factual by spreading rumors. Anything I've ever stated in reference to Quad has all been based on truth that I witnessed for myself. In actuality, Quad likes to spread rumors based on the voices in her head.

Now, in reference to her foolish allegations: I was never involved in a hit and run. I received my first ticket in Atlanta actually in April of 2013, not back in the fall of 2012. At the time in which Quad made her false statement, I had a clean driving record. As for my recent ticket, In April of 2013 I was arrested during a routine road block. The state of Georgia does arrest you on the spot if you don't take sobriety test, but once my lawyer was present I took the test, passed, and received a reckless driving ticket.

Now, unless Quad has the ability to travel into the future when she opened her mouth spewing lies, then what she is saying is straight BS. I have a very difficult time understanding why someone would want to hurt another women in such a malicious way. I don't care if Quad believes I'm a "Master Manipulator." What gives her the right to spread lies, try to destroy a child's mother reputation and a very well respected Dr.'s career? All because she has some Dirt she HEARD. What is she 12? How in the world am I to forgive such behavior?

Moving on. . .Duncan's anniversary party was professional and business was discussed continuously. I felt like I was on a golf outing discussing business while having a great time. Although Mariah was the one who introduced me to Kari, I feel like we were destined to meet at some point. Kari and Duncan have been nothing, but great friends to my husband and I.

As far as Mariah's Indian dinner, she knows I called and explained that my family was going through a tough time. I also expressed how I wasn't interested in coming to her home and being attacked by her and her family. She said she understood, which is weird, because she didn't express that. Instead, I was called a snake for not being interested in attending her dinner when my father-in-law was being taken off life support. Wow, my fault for needing to stay home and pack my children up so that we can leave for DC to say our goodbyes to my husband's father. Thank you, once again Kari for coming over to keep me company while I packed and for being a true friend. Notice how Aydin's family had to step away. She saw the gossip coming.

Lastly, on a GREAT note! The NoMad MD Launch Party was a success! Everyone we invited were there and then some. I'd like to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy lives to come meet and greet with the NOMAD MD Physicians. We discussed business ventures all night and really made future clients feel special. I'm sorry if petty immaturity didn't exist or wasn't there to entertain those that love drama. NOMAD MD is strictly business. This evening was about letting the Atlanta community know that a mobile urgent care is on the horizon for those clients who need and can afford personalized home care.

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