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Jackie: Failure Is Not an Option

Dr. Jackie explains how she feels about not giving Curtis a son, and thinks Dr. Eugene tripped her on purpose.

This week we continue the couples trip in Blue Ridge, GA!!! We all have a collage of good and bad emotions going around. It doesn't take long before the women start to take a ride on the emotional rollercoaster. Dr. Simone starts again trying to help mend the relationship between Quad and Mariah. I think Dr. Simone may want to leave the peacemaking to President Obama. I think Dr. Simone had great intentions, but maybe not great planning. She told Toya and Dr. Heavenly that she invited Mariah, but forgot to tell Quad. Wrong MOVE! You know what happens next -- Toya tells Quad and then it's Toya versus Dr. Simone. It is not a good situation! I'm not sure where the bigger hiccup occurred.


Being excluded from the mountain trip has left Mariah with a battery of emotions. She finds a new circle of friends to connect with during a glamping trip. It is evident that she is hurt by the group's decision. I'm not about taking sides, but without a doubt I need peace and relaxation on this trip. In Blue Ridge, there isn't a hospital, fireman, or policeman within miles, if something starts to pop –off.

Dr. Simone and Cecil started a free fall of emotions, when they decide to introduce a relationship-building exercise. The topics of sex, work, and cheating were a combination for an emotional downpour. During this exercise, I learned that Dr. Eugene inherited a uterus when he married Toya, and she inherited all his money. Dr. Greg cannot seem to keep his foot out of his mouth when he expressed that Quad needs to put her career on hold and that good men do cheat! I also realized that Lisa Nicole is a strong woman and has offered Dr. Darren forgiveness for cheating more than once! As for me, I was able to finally articulate to Curtis how effected I am about the fact I can’t give him a son. This is huge for me because I live by the motto “Failure is NOT an option,” and I fee like I've failed at this.

Everyone had an amazing time on the zipline and playing a harmless game of football. Harmless, until Dr. Eugene deliberately tripped me and could have hurt my RIGHT (money-making) hand! Ahhh Eugene tripped me to get at Curtis -- kinda weak for a man! Dr. Eugene is a sore loser so he attacks a girl!

Emotions start to rise again with the Berry and Lunceford couples. There is a strong desire to get a baby in both of these relationships. It doesn’t look like a baby is coming soon for either of us. I am willing to make any sacrifice to have a baby, but Curtis doesn’t think we have room for a baby in our life. He acknowledges that I am hurt, but can only help me get through this pain. Quad on the other hand wants to start some type of birth control to make sure the Luncefords don't get an oops! She wants to make her own money and prove to Dr. Greg she is an independent woman! This is huge for Dr. Greg, but he is willing to support her in reaching her goals. It seems like both couples have agreed to put the babies out of our plans for now!

This group never really agrees on anything, but this time we unanimously agreed that everyone had a wonderful trip without the dramatics! Now there's the real meaning of "Married to Medicine"!

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