Simone: Dr. Heavenly Was Being Real Messy

Simone: Dr. Heavenly Was Being Real Messy

Simone thinks there were a lot of jabs being thrown at the prohibition party.

Thank you for tuning into Married to Medicine tonight with me for the show.

This week’s show had plenty of jaw-dropping moments, and I am exhausted by all of the twists and turns. I went to see Straight out of Compton last week, and a couple of these women could have auditioned for the Suge Knight role. I am so glad I am not in a situation where I have to blow up or raise my voice…

The PiQ party made for a really interesting night. I was not sure what to expect coming to an event where singles are looking to meet a mate. I am glad Cecil was available to go with me, and I didn’t have to think about wearing a mask, etc. Toya definitely gets excited when talking about her dating days and advice on how to land a man. Dr. Heavenly should definitely reach out to her for a consultation.

It was so nice to meet Claudia Jordan. She is a really nice person and a good sport with Dr. Heavenly throwing jabs at her about being single and needing help finding a man. I was looking forward to seeing the dress Alaura designed for Heavenly. Based on the last show, the dress Heavenly is wearing didn’t seem to match Alaura's description of the design she intended to create. All I can say about the dress arrived before the start of the event.

Dr. Heavenly was being real messy at the app party. (But then again, what's new with her?) To ask Dr. Darren to pose as a bachelor for the dating game is crazy! Dr. Heavenly is supposed to be Lisa’s friend, but she is always jabbing at Lisa, Darren, and/or their marriage. With friends like her, who needs enemies? LOL!

Show Highlight
It's Time for Lisa Nicole to Show Her Borderline Crazy

The Prohibition Party was a great night out. I know, I know, I definitely let the girls out with my costume. Cecil and I tried to pick my costume by looking at the Roaring 20s and I only had one option as a Bo$$--to come as a sexy gangster. The Heavenly and Jill altercation went from 0 to 100 real fast. I am not sure why Jill lied on John to Heavenly and then instead of keeping her mouth shut, continued to dig herself deeper in the hole.

It was great seeing Mariah arrive at the party with Greg and Quad. I would have never guessed she was going to be Quad’s surprise guest. Of course, Mariah came in throwing jabs about all of us being fake with her. Toya's jab back was so hard I thought I was back at the Mayweather-Pacquuiao fight in Vegas!

Where the Hell Have You Been?

Now when Mariah flipped the script on Lisa about starting rumors that Quad and Mariah were lesbians, I laughed hysterically. It is always interesting when you make a bad comment about someone and it boomerangs back to you. Lesson for Lisa: Definitely don't dish it if you can't take it.

Next week we are headed to the Bahamas, and all I can say is, I hope you are ready for a big dose of beach, sun, and drama.

You Can't Pick Your Family

Thanks for watching and have a great week.
Love, Dr. Simone.



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