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James: Being a Father Is the Greatest Gift

James reveals the reason he decided to get sober eight years ago.

What an absolute relief to make this sale so quickly after Colin threw us such a curveball! Upon receiving the news that Colin planned to move into the Beachwood house following his trip to Russia if we didn't get the full asking price, David and I knew we had to step things up a notch. Perhaps our party was so good that it convinced our seller not to sell?! Nonetheless, word of the Burning Man party spread like wildfire, bringing us not only new clients, but a buyer for this property (at full ask, might I add)! We were thrilled to find a buyer with as much appreciation for the property as we had.

I am so blessed to have three such beautiful women in my life to take away the stresses and anxieties that this job can bring. Valeria and our girls have changed my life in more ways than I could count. It is so important to me to be a responsible, loving, and present father for my girls, so I did what I had to do eight years ago to become a better man for Valeria and my children. Being a father is the greatest gift that I've ever been given, and I have Valeria to thank for that. She works so incredibly hard every day to make our house a home for our family, and for that reason, my five year wedding anniversary gift to her MUST be exquisite--stay tuned!

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