James: We All Make Mistakes

James: We All Make Mistakes

James talks about what disappointed him most about the dinner party.

Well, that was a rather frustrating episode for me to endure. I was utterly disappointed in myself for losing my temper on Josh Altman. Not only is he not worth it, but my reaction changed the entire energy of the dinner party. Who knows, it may have even jinxed the listing! I was less angry with Altman's behavior than I was with myself for the way I reacted. I should not have stooped to his level. It was incredibly out of character for me.

Agreeing to a 30-day listing clearly caused tensions to run higher than usual between David and myself. I hate that this listing led to such a big disagreement between the two of us. Although I consider myself very successful at what I do, we all make mistakes. A 30-day listing was clearly a mistake, but I stand by taking chances to succeed. In my opinion, David would've done the same under the circumstances; however, I should've checked with him before making any sort of agreement. I have to remind myself that we did everything within our power to give the property the exposure it needed, but the price just wasn't workable within the time frame given to sell. I know that we could have gotten the asking price if we had more time and a seller that was actually needing to sell in that moment.

Sunset Plaza Drive was a great property for #BondStreetPartners, but it was unachievable within 30 days. It most certainly served as a big life lesson for me. In the end, I think David and I grew from this experience, and I most certainly grew as a businessman. Although the price ended up being our biggest point of contention with the listing, I still firmly stand by the fact that Altman handled himself like a complete jerk and deserved to be asked to leave the dinner party, but perhaps not have a glass shattered at his feet.



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