Southern Charm Season 7 Headshot John Pringle

John Pringle

A seventh-generation Charleston native, John attended the University of Georgia, where he became good friends with Shep, and remains an avid Bulldogs fan to this day. After college, he left for NYC to learn the family commodity business firsthand. His life in the city inspired his passion for songwriting, which led to the release of his first LP “Strange Points of View.” John went on to record two EPs – “Midnight Mass on the Williamsburg Bridge” and “Simple Act” – and toured extensively behind them. Though his music led him down a transient path, John feels his life truly began in Los Angeles with the birth of his first son Quinn and younger son Asher, who arrived 16 months later. Though his marriage to ex-wife Heidi was short-lived, they remain friends who co-parent to the best of their abilities. New opportunities bring John back to Charleston this year, as he looks to return the family business to the place where the Pringles have long-thrived. He still enjoys playing music and hopes to perform live shows now that he is home.