Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Margot

Margot Sisson

•    Hometown: Seattle, WA   
•    Birthdate: Aug. 28
•    Zodiac sign: Virgo  
•    Years of experience in yachting: 2   
•    Favorite off-boat activities: Exploring a new city and finding every bakery I possibly can
•    What other “Below Deck” franchise yachties do you know? I worked on a boat with Natasha DeBourg (chef from “Below Deck Sailing Yacht”). 
•    What do you do in your off time in your room on the boat? Watch Bravo 
•    What is your wildest charter guest story from your career? I had a guest ask if I would pop a huge zit on his back once, but it was a boil and told him he needed to go to a doctor.
•    If you could trade spots with anyone else in the “Below Deck” universe, who would it be and why? Courtney Skippon. She seems to surround herself with scenic views, self-care, nature, good food and the people she loves most (which is exactly how I am).