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Why Do Celebrities Cheat When They Can Easily Be Caught?

Why fall for the classic screenshot trap, get caught on damning surveillance video... or do it in public in front of your mutual friends, celebrities? (Ahem, Tristan Thompson.)

By Marni Eth
The Khloe Kardashian-Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal Is Like Something Out of Vanderpump Rules

One would think that with the rise of technology and ready access to pictures, screenshots, and videos, cheating would decrease in the digital age due to the sheer fear — and likelihood — of getting caught. And one would think that celebrities in particular would feel wary, considering that there are many who would love to seduce them in order to become pregnant, exploit their affair for 15 minutes of fame, and/or sell their story to a tabloid.

If the potential intentions behind their hookup doesn't make them nervous, the fact that they are way easier to spot seems like another obvious deterrent (including a certain famous 6’10 basketball player).
Even if the hookup didn't rat out the celeb, other people who saw it happen can easily leak the footage online (such as a club-goer watching them cuddle, a surveillance video taping them go inside a hotel, etc.). So, what would ever possess someone who is that notable to take that risk and cheat in public?

Laurel House, celebrity dating and empowerment coach, explained, “Chemistry and sexual desire can play tricks on your brain and make you feel like risks are worth it, as you become almost entranced.” She said the “chemistry shows itself in the brain in the same location as cocaine and has a similar drug-like effect.” Bottom line, at that point, nothing else matters, and “you will do anything to get your next fix.”
Because of this, House is not surprised that, despite the advances in technology and the ability to easily get caught, people still cheat. It almost seems as if they "simply can’t help themselves, as their mind is taken over by the drug called chemistry.”

That being said, she noted, “It is a choice to allow yourself to go there and to allow yourself to be overtaken.”  The theory that a celeb’s brain is highjacked by desire doesn’t mean that all responsibility is lost — believing that you can’t practice self-control because your brain was set off is really just another excuse.

Remember, Jordan Craig was pregnant with Tristan’s baby while he started dating Khloe, which makes the notion that he would stray from Khloe while she was pregnant entirely less shocking. The fact that he'd stray again — with his girlfriend's sister's best friend (and former roommate), "hurts even more" because Jordyn "was very much aware how devastated Khloe was by Tristan’s previous betrayal," according to Us Weekly.

Julie Spira is an online dating expert and founder of Cyber-Dating Expert, who explained that there's a reason there's the saying, "Once a cheater, always a cheater.” If a person has a history of straying in relationships, there is a likelihood it will happen again. This applies for whether you are just a regular person, or a celebrity with access to beautiful women. Anyone can be “chatting late at night when your partner is asleep.”

Athletes and other celebs who spend a lot of time on the road could also cheat on their partner using dating apps as a way to hide it from the public eye, but this is where the screenshot conundrum comes in.

Although it’s more subtle than picking up a fling at the club, there is still the chance of a screenshot of a flirty or risky DM going viral. Spira noted that anyone in a committed relationship who is actively using social media or a dating app for digital window shopping is risking the chance of being discovered.
Spira believes that “your intuition is a powerful thing.” If you think your partner is cheating and feel the need to look at their phone, be aware that your fears may be confirmed. “If you seek, you will typically find.”

She continued, “Cheating isn’t reserved for celebrities, but since they are in the limelight, it’s more likely that they’ll get caught.” Two of the major red flags to be on the lookout for if you are suspicious your partner may be straying is if you “notice they start to follow hot models on Instagram” or if they “stop posting photos of the two of you as a couple.”
However, not every celebrity will cheat on their partner or spouse while they are out of town. Spira explained, “Trust is everything in a relationship.” If you can trust your partner in “your home zip code, you should be able to trust them when they’re traveling on the road.”

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