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Dr. Simone Reveals an Off-Camera Moment with Dr. Jackie That Helps Get to "The Core" of Their Issues

Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Jackie Walters discussed their fallout and where they stand today at the Married to Medicine reunion.

By Laura Rosenfeld

Married to Medicine reunions always have a way of making our jaws drop, and the Season 7 sit-down was no exception. Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Jackie Walters surprised everyone when they revealed that the events of the season, including the drama with Buffie Purselle and its aftermath, had put a major strain on their relationship.

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But, as also tends to be the case at Married to Medicine reunions, the group rallied around the pair and brought them back together. Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie hugged and shared their commitment to getting their friendship back on track.

Fast forward to the beginning of Season 8, and the OBGYNs were still not in a good place. But after some time passed, Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie did eventually find their way back to one another, and an emotional conversation appeared to ease the tension between the two. This time, the reconciliation seemed to stick.

During Part 2 of the Married to Medicine Season 8 reunion, which aired on July 11, Dr. Simone gave an update on where she and Dr. Jackie stand today. "Well, we are in a much better place, and we talk, we study together still," Dr. Simone explained. "And, you know, the fact is I don't harbor any ill feelings about Jackie. I love Jackie. I will always love Jackie."

When it came to why she and Dr. Simone didn't follow through on their promise to repair their relationship after the Season 7 reunion, Dr. Jackie said, "Life got in the way. And when you don't work on a relationship — and I think this is for everybody — it falls apart."

Dr. Simone then explained why she didn't invite Dr. Jackie to son Michael's graduation party this season, which took place before they had made up. "I just, we were awkward," Dr. Simone said. "It was a close gathering with close friends, family. I didn't want anything to be awkward."

Host Andy Cohen pointed out that Dr. Simone had invited Anila Sajja to the event, whom she had only recently met. "That's where I got super offended is when Anila got invited," Dr. Jackie said, to which Dr. Simone replied, "But she was the only person there, the only person there that was not part of my close circle."

Dr. Simone also addressed Quad Webb's comments on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen earlier this season in which she questioned if her reconciliation with Dr. Jackie was genuine. "First of all, you used the word 'fake,' as if we made up strictly for TV. It's not something I would do," Dr. Simone said. "And so I came to Jackie from a genuine place when I spoke to her. But we have some difficult topics that we need to tackle."

"You don't just get back to normal overnight with a hug," Dr. Simone added. "At least I don't."

Dr. Jackie shared that she felt like Dr. Simone hasn't had her back the way she has for Toya Bush-Harris. "What I said to Simone is I noticed she has developed the ability to ride for Toya no matter what. And no disrespect to Toya. Toya can say 'achoo' and Simone has an explanation for it," Dr. Jackie said. "What I had hoped for Simone last year is when I was being crucified by the situations that I was in with the people who aren't here today, that Simone would've ridden for me like that."

Dr. Simone said that she felt like she had been there for Dr. Jackie after that explosive dinner during the trip to Mexico last season. "I came to you in Mexico — I'm not gonna play this game with you — with no f--king camera around to say you responded at dinner in a way that is not you. I need for you to fix it," she recalled. "I came to your hotel room, no microphone, no camera, and said that s--t last night doesn't represent you. I said it to you."

But Dr. Jackie said that she didn't feel the support from Dr. Simone in that moment. "And did I not explain to you why I reacted? I said, 'Simone, that wasn't the place. It was your dinner.' And never did you go back to the group and say, 'That ain't who Jackie is,'" Dr. Jackie shared. "Petty as it is, I did take offense to that, and that is part of why we haven't healed is we have not been able to deal with the hard stuff."

Dr. Simone admitted, "I should have said it out loud."

The real root of Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie's issues was now starting to become clearer, according to Andy. "It sounds like we're getting to the core of when this all went left," he said. "You're not getting what you need from each other in terms of the other backing you up and defending you."

Of course, Dr. Simone's conflict with Dr. Heavenly Kimes has also been connected to all of this. When it comes to the current status of her friendship with Dr. Simone, Dr. Heavenly said at the reunion, "I don't speak to Simone. Simone doesn't speak to me."

Andy went on to ask Dr. Simone if she felt like she and Dr. Heavenly could once again have that close bond they shared while the OBGYN was going through her marital issues. "Let me say that I would love to be back in that place with Heavenly, but it's difficult for me as a sensitive person to read and hear about all the bulls--t and sensitive stuff she says about me on the regular," Dr. Simone said, later specifying that she has heard Dr. Heavenly, who is a dentist, make negative comments about her teeth. "That, I don't want those kind of friends."

Dr. Simone noted that she thinks she could be friends with Dr. Jackie while she's still close to Dr. Heavenly "once Heavenly and I are back in a better place." "I've been trying. I've called you over and over again, Simone. You know I have," Dr. Heavenly said in response (clip above). "You have not put up any effort."

Dr. Simone admitted that it's been challenging for her to be able to move forward with Dr. Heavenly. "I had a close relationship with Heavenly, and Jackie knows it. But when I fall down and out with people, I fall hard," she said. "It's hard to let go of stuff."

However, Dr. Simone does want to get her friendship with Dr. Heavenly back on track and even described her plans to do so once they all get back home to Atlanta. "What I told Heavenly is I missed her birthday party and told her I couldn't come. And I am going to celebrate her birthday when we get back to Atlanta, and I get past some personal things," Dr. Simone shared, adding that she would also like Dr. Jackie to be there.

The Married to Medicine Season 8 reunion continues with Part 3 on Sunday, July 18 at a special time of 10:15/9:15c. Want more Married to Medicine? Catch up on the Bravo app.

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