Kathryn C. Dennis' Demeanor After Rehab Left Craig Conover "Blown Away"

Kathryn C. Dennis' Demeanor After Rehab Left Craig Conover "Blown Away"

The #SouthernCharm pal weighs in on how his friend is doing these days.

By Jocelyn Vena

When Kathryn c. Dennis returned to Charleston after spending time in treatment in California, the Southern Charm mom came back home refreshed and living the yoga life. And the change in her was evident to her friends, including Shep Rose (who even did yoga with his pal) as well as Craig Conover.

"Kathryn really impressed me, and I was happy to see her acknowledged or basically admit that there was a problem," Craig recently told The Daily Dish. "I didn't know if she was going to be able, if she was capable of doing that or if she was going to choose that 'cause, you know, it's embarrassing. I mean, it is what it is. No one wants to have to admit that, especially to all of their friends, especially if people were rooting against you -- that's a hard thing to do. So when we had our first meal together and she did admit everything to me, I was kind of blown away and I was really happy 'cause until you acknowledge there's a problem, you can't fix it. History will just keep repeating itself."

Craig only wishes Kathryn the best going forward in her journey. "I thought that was a huge step," he said. "And then what comes after that is more of a private, personal journey, and so I hope she's doing well on it."

Earlier this season, Kathryn opened up about her decision to seek treatment, explaining that it was her parents that helped her make the decision to go to rehab. "The past year has been the hardest time in my life," she said during an episode earlier this season, also confirming that she did fail a drug test around the same time as the reunion last year (clip below). "I was totally lost. Not even embarrassed, humiliated, [and] ashamed. I mean, all of those combined. It's the most disappointed I've ever felt in myself in my entire life."

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