Costco Is About to Stop Selling This Beloved Food and People Can't Handle It

Costco Is About to Stop Selling This Beloved Food and People Can't Handle It

We hate to break it to all the Bravo celebs who love the big box store, but...

By Tamara Palmer

We have some bad news to relay to Costco shoppers, which may unfortunately devastate some of the chain's biggest Bravoleb devotees — like Erika Girardi (who embraces the bread aisle with ferocity), Tamra Judge (who calls it "the happiest place on Earth") and Patricia Altschul (who recently braved the big-box store on the worst shopping day of the year and survived to tell the tale).

Here it is: Sorry to say, the popular Polish hot dogs are coming off the menu, and healthier items will replace them.

“Not everybody gets as excited about pizza and hot dogs as I do,” Costco's CEO Craig Jelinek reportedly told company shareholders at the top of the year, according to Seattle Times.

BuzzFeed noted the ire of social media users, who are tweeting the company to ask for reconsideration. "Keep the Polish dog Costco," one wrote, echoing a popular sentiment. "Where is your humanity?"


However, Costco does still plan to keep their all-beef hot dog and drink deal for $1.50 and the Polish dog will still be sold in bulk quantities — so chin up, Real Housewives everywhere.

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