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Emily's Comments Were Out of Line

Africa wishes Emily had held her tongue at Alex's dinner, but was glad to help her friend post-break in.

By Africa Miranda

Hey guys! I hope all of you enjoyed the first episode and your first glimpse into my world. I'm a southern belle with the heart of a gypsy. . .you can find me living out of a suitcase, combing the racks at a vintage store, or baking brownies to take on the tour bus.

I'm so excited to experience this season with all of you. Music is my first love. It's what took me from Alabama to New York, from New York to LA, from LA back to New York, and from New York now to Atlanta. . .Yes it has been a journey. LOLl! Vawn was always someone that I would see out and about in ATL (who can miss him) and we'd met through mutual friends, but had never worked together. I admit I was skeptical and expected the whole thing to be a total waste of time. There was definitely chemistry. but I've been a victim of "chemistry" before so I have to stay focused. His methods may seem unorthodox but something about it makes me feel like this is the situation I've been waiting for. I think that we both were pleasantly surprised by what the other has to offer. . .so we'll see.

Looking Straight Through Vawn's Soul

If I ever hear the phrase "trophy wife" again it will be too soon. So much for my bright ideas! I know that Alex and Emily have strong personalities, but I honestly didn't expect dinner to go the way it did. Emily is one to always speak her mind, but you probably shouldn't do it when it's going to offend the guest of honor. At that point dinner was over and a girl must always know when to make her exit. Dining and dashing? Girl bye. That's cute but definitely wasn't the case.

Housewife or Trophy Wife

I was SO sad for Emily and her store! Thank God no one was hurt. Glad I could be there to support her and help clean up. . .in my heels.

Ken doll Tribble. Yes he is VERY cute. . .but I don't know if I'm really ready for "something new." I am intrigued and excited about the possibility though. If you do what you've always done you will get the same results. So maybe it is time to shake things up. I'm fearless on stage but not so much in my personal life.

I've never thrown a birthday party before and now I'm wondering if will this be my last? It does feel great to put on a pretty dress and celebrate with my friends, but to see some of the things that were being said at the party were really upsetting.

Emily 2's comment about Alex needing to "put relaxer" on her hair was extremely out-of-line. Really!?! Do I think that Alex is starring in a Pantene commercial anytime soon? Of course not. But to say that an African-American woman needs to put a chemical in her hair to "tame" or "fix" it is unacceptable. It was an absolutely ignorant statement and Emily 2 knew exactly what she was saying when she said it. Say what you want about someone's weave, wig, or whatever. . .women of every race wear extensions. But the social, historical, and cultural implications behind that statement are too much too ignore. I'm not OK with it and never will be.

Let the rollercoaster ride begin!

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