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Heather on Aviva's Malicious Agenda

Heather explains what she thinks is really behind BookGate, why she defended Carole, and why Ramona's not blameless.

Drama Queen or ---hole
This fight between Carole and Aviva is truly upsetting to me on so many levels. When Carole first told me Aviva had suggested that she had her books ghostwritten at their infamous lunch, one of my first thoughts was "What if Aviva did that to me about Yummie?" My second thought was why did Aviva do it? It wasn’t fully clear, but I surmise she did this either to create a conversation about her own book, which would help promote it and sell it OR she had a more malicious agenda, which was to mask the fact that she used a ghostwriter all along


For Aviva to come out-of-the-gate and lay claim that Carole is a phony using her ridiculous "word on the street" sources to insinuate that Mr. Bill Whitworth (a highly regarded editor of The Atlantic) is Carole's ghostwriter, is off the charts, below the belt, and untrue. Aviva thinks it all makes great TV but be it drama queen or ---hole, when it comes to Aviva, it’s always self-serving.

Aviva started crafting this "BookGate" agenda against Carole the minute she began her hunt for a publisher looking for a memoir by a RHONY Housewife with a bad temper and a prosthetic leg and, I have learned firsthand (not "word on the street") that Aviva, did in fact hire a ghostwriter -- she flat out lied. Thank god she didn't shop for a clothing deal first, or for sure this could have been me.

Carole lent so easily to the narrative for Aviva's agenda. It's Aviva's way or the highway. . .and she could care less about the truth. So when Carole didn't play along with her fake agenda about helping Aviva "write her book" or edit her "long email," Aviva jumped at the opportunity to call her an unsupportive friend -- which in her twisted mind, justified her obnoxious route of defaming Carole's successful career as a journalist and a writer. It’s just shameless.

The most ridiculous part of this story is that there really is no shame in using a ghostwriter. If Aviva just owned up to it and admitted the truth, we all would have rallied around her to support the book. It still would have been her story even if she worked with a professional writer to put the words on paper. WHICH SHE DID!

From my vantage point, Carole is in a state of shock and is sent to another planet because she's being tangled in this web of lies and deception created for the Aviva Drescher storyline. Her career and life's work is slandered on national television by "just a girl trying to get ahead." I am infuriated by this behavior and am angry that someone I care about took a hit because of another's shallow and selfish initiatives. I think its reprehensible and irresponsible behavior, and I am disappointed that someone on RHONY isn't more genuine.

The “Image Consultant”
This brings me to Aviva's style consultant, Amanda. At my Throwback Birthday party, Aviva introduced Amanda as someone she was using to "bring some color into her wardrobe." She also said Amanda and Harry knew one another. My first encounters with said, "Image Consultant" weren't anything memorable, other than that there was no vibe at all. She was very much at Aviva's side at the two parties where I saw her from across the room and she appears to be just Aviva's friend. You are going to have to stay tuned because, without giving anything away, Amanda burns fast and bright (not in a good way). I mention her only to prepare you for what I expect are wild things to come.

Ramona's Role
Ramona and I have been organically growing our friendship. We are not besties by any stretch but I certainly didn't think Ramona and Aviva were besties either. I mean WTF? Wasn't Ramona the one that was just saying all of the same s--- about Aviva? Ramona said, "What went down with Carole and Aviva is, 'not a big deal.'" This leaves me a bit perplexed. Ramona hated Aviva just two days ago for whatever its worth, which is obviously not too much. I can’t be mad at Ramona for forgiving someone, but she needs to be careful because as you can see, Aviva is not representing herself honestly. . .again.

If in standing up for what I believe also means defending Carole, it's alright with me! I am incensed about what took place and am personally offended that it negatively impacts my friend! Wasn't Ramona the "Hit and Run" messenger at the party after all? She sure likes to throw the s---, but she didn't ever actually defend Carole. Whatever the brain fade here is for Ramona, the sad part is that while Ramona and I, and Ramona and Aviva, have not always gotten along, Ramona and Carole certainly have. But that is for Carole to decide.

The Spartan Race!
I am a competitive person by nature, and growing up in a neighborhood of mostly boys has something to do with it. When Josh asked me to run the Spartan Race with Team EBOOST, I was excited to take on the challenge. My husband Jon and I love the outdoors and do a lot of outdoor activities and sports together, but in a race like Spartan, I knew it would not be fun for Jon to hang back with me. I enlisted my trainer Will Torres of WillSpace NYC to join the team and train Kristen, Josh, and me together in Central Park in the days leading up to the race. Will and I are used to working together and make a good team. He has also become a close friend!

On race day, I was hoping to finish the race strong and without injury, so while Will and I were focused on warming up, neither of us realized how stressed out and nervous Kristen really was. I was just happy to be with my friends and knew we were about to accomplish something that would feel GREAT when it's over! The energy of the place was high, the sun was hot and it was muddy!


This was a time challenge race and the only time I was interested in beating was my own -- which was under an hour. I knew Jon and Josh would smoke me, and didn't really realize that Josh had promised Kristen he would stay back with her. It was a dumb promise, one he could never keep, and one she probably knew he couldn't. It doesn't make it hurt any less when someone doesn't live up to an expectation they set for you. I knew Kristen could do this race, I mean did you see her climb the rope? (I did not accomplish that challenge and had to pay for it in 30 burpies! OMG!) What I didn't realize is that Kristen didn't WANT to do the race. Whether or not she could finish or not isn't the issue because we all knew she was fit enough to do it. To have to run the race alone without Josh sucked for Kristen. Jon took off from the get go and ran an entirely different race on his own.

Kristen was so upset with Josh that she could not celebrate her huge accomplishment, because it was never an important accomplishment to her. She thought it was important to support her husband and the race was the only way. In the end, communication is key because I do believe that if Kristen worked an EBOOST booth, passing out EBOOST shots to the runners and rooting us all on, everyone would have been happier. I am very sorry that she felt let down by me, because when I said I got your back in training, I guess I meant if I was behind her. Sorry mama.

The Baby Shower
Carole's Friend Laurie is having a baby! I am so excited for her and incredibly inspired by her choice to have a baby on her own. I wasn't able to be there because I was on HSN in Tampa selling our Patented 3 Panel Tank -- so I sent in my A team to Carole's!

Carole was coming off of a tough couple of days and I wanted to be sure her friends were there for her. After the treachery of Aviva's housewarming party, Carole came back to my crib and hung with Ella which was really special. They share this really great girl bond, and although she might be a bit camera shy, Ella has a very sweet and warm demeanor about her and I know how much it would mean to Carole to see her. So, (the best husband and the best friend you could ever have in the whole world), Jon swung by with Ella with love and hugs for Carole and Laurie. I am glad that Carole got the chance to explain herself to Ramona and that Ramona actually listened this time! I'm also glad that Carole got a few digs in too! In my opinion, Ramona has not been supportive of Carole and is playing both sides but this is really Carole's issue not mine so it's probably best I wasn't there. I listened to Ramona enough before she left for Africa and I would have probably given Ramona a few digs that were not quite as subtle. Despite all the drama, Ella gets ALL the balloons and is one happy girl!

Bottom line, Congratulations to Laurie and her beautiful baby boy!

You all are amazing!

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