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Heather on Good Friends and Good Tequila

Heather's legal issues won't get her down as long as she has strong girlfriends and Don Julio on her side!

By Heather Thomson

There is a shift going on between Sonja and Ramona. And there is no toaster!!!!

Sometimes you just have to move on from trying to actually help someone and just support them from the sidelines -- whatever their journey may be. I am glad Ramona finally sat down to talk to Sonja face-to-face about her concerns -- instead of to everyone else.

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Sonja isn't bankrupt. She’s in a Chapter 11 and a trustee oversees it. Ramona should likely let the trustee do their job and focus on doing hers, which is to be a friend. That's really what Sonja needs more than unsolicited advice.

That's what I needed from Carole.  After an exhausting day spent with my lawyers, I needed comfort in my good friend Don Julio! And Carole and Tripp didn't hurt either! I am so glad Tripp and Rocky -- I mean Scout! -- stayed.  I really needed the distraction.


Since I launched my business in 2008, I have been have forced to protect my intellectual properties from bigger companies who think they can just take them. Today, I hold 12 US patents plus a comparable number in Europe. There are a handful of infringers I can't mention because the settlement agreements we reached outlined anonymity in these cases, but the most arduous was with Maidenform. In 2010 -- the giant house began selling a tank top that I felt looked eerily similar to my patented design. I ended up in an extensive litigation with Maidenform. It took a few years and much more than a few dollars, but in 2011 we settled with Maidenform and they paid us $6.75 million.

Sadly, I’m engaged in this once again and I am in yet another lawsuit. This time with Spanx -- the biggest name of them all. The lawsuit has cleverly been referred to in the press as "The Battle of the Bulge," but to me it is another battle of fair play. I was gobsmacked when others knocked off my protected designs and I am incensed at the fact that it keeps happening. But this time around with Spanx, I feel more disbelief and disappointment.

Carole had it right, "The highest form of flattery isn’t imitation. The highest form of flattery IS FLATTERY."

And the bottom line is this -- even though inventors shouldn’t have to fight a battle in order to defend the products we’ve created and protected as a result of our ideas and passions, at the end of the day, sometimes we do. And it's okay to be frustrated and tired of it all and take comfort on a school night with Don Julio, but then, you've got to always keep-it-movin'!

Let go of those that bring you down and surround yourself with those that bring out the best in you! It's really important to have support along the way. . .and yes, in my case or Sonja's, legal support is helpful, but I also mean the support of your sisterhood.

A girlfriend’s shoulder is a really special place -- don't forget that!
I believe a refresh, (not a facelift!) is exactly what Carole needs! After a breakup, it's a great idea for Carole to take her mind off of what’s not important, and put it on what is -- which is HER! And there's nothing more therapeutic and refreshing than updating your home, your sanctuary! And picking fabrics and finishings and okay, gilded ceilings -- well, that's my kinda thing! And Carole has great taste! I can't wait to see what she does!
A good spa day can do the trick for a good refresh, too! But I guess that depends on who you go with! Our room was more in keeping with my idea of a spa day with girlfriends than the other room. Or, should I call it the boxing ring? Kristen should have been with us!


And, why does Ramona keep throwing things at her? I am getting the sense that she may just be jealous of Kristen, because I can't explain this reflex-sort-of outrage from Ramona! It's recurring (just you wait), and it's just not right.

Boy, some of these ladies really get ruffled around opinions that differ from theirs! And who goes to a spa with a fresh blow dry!? Honey, that's supposed to be the swan song of the day. . .a refresh!

Start to finish!

Keep on watchin’ and I’ll see you next week! Holla!
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