Luann de Lesseps: I've Moved on Completely

Luann de Lesseps: I've Moved on Completely

Luann thinks it's time for Carole to let last season's grudges go.

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Sonja Morgan Gets a New Houseguest

We’re back stronger than ever! I had a great summer with my children, yet it was difficult to have Noel go off to college after 18 years of watching him grow into a beautiful young man. I’m so proud of him and of Victoria, now a senior in college. I like the fact that their schools are in neighboring states and not across the country. Unlike Victoria, who let me move her into college (boxes, sheets and all), Noel informed me that he’d rather set up his dorm room himself and off he drove. It was hard to let him go. I knew this time was going to come, but I underestimated the impact it would have on me. I’ve seen a lot of the women since we last aired, and I assure you that this season is going to be a fabulous ride. I’m grateful that you join us here each week to experience our triumphs and our challenges.

Since my children went away to college, I’ve been looking for a small pied-à-terre in New York. When I don’t stay in hotels, I stay with Sonja and we always have fun together. She’s an empty nester like me since her daughter went to boarding school, so I thought she might like a break from rambling around her townhouse alone. She’s been my friend for a long time, and although we’ve had our ups and downs, in the end, we genuinely like each other’s company. Fun fact about my DNA…I have extra bones behind my upper teeth that are a throwback to the Eskimos. Who knew? My dentist told me about them years ago, and as you can see, Sonja really got a kick out of this.

Sonja and Luann Are Our Favorite Roommates Ever

Some things haven’t changed since last season, and Carole’s still holding a grudge against me for commenting on her boyfriend Adam’s age, but my concern wasn’t his age, it was about her getting involved with someone who was dating a member of my family. They’ve managed to make love last and one year later, they seem very happy. At this point I’m over it, and I’m very happy for them. I’ve moved on from this completely. I think it’s time for Carole to focus on the positive and let go of her resentment towards me. As for her saying she won’t have Adam and me in the same room, honestly, I think that’s very immature since I don’t hold a grudge against her or him. I’m a woman who lives in the present, not the past.

Ramona may have new boobs, but she’s still the same Ramona, just more bodacious! I think all that Pinot has gone to her brain? She couldn’t remember Avery’s friend who spent an entire weekend with her in the Hamptons and then became irritated and dismissive when Avery pointed this out. The look on the girls’ faces as they watched Ramona flirt at the bar was priceless! More champagne…please!

Dorinda is still with John and is thinking about moving him in once her daughter Hannah gets her own place. She spends quite a bit of time convincing us that he’s a great guy. If he makes her happy, then I’m happy for her. As for her going on the wagon, I know many people who temporarily quit drinking to cleanse their systems, but that doesn’t mean that they have a problem. For a gal who owns a liquor company, Bethenny is very judgmental about how much we party. She’s always commenting about how much we drink all the while plying us with cocktails from her line, and no one likes to drink more than Bethenny. Ironic? Hypocritical? You decide!

We have a new housewife on the show named Jules, who isn’t shy about sharing what’s on her mind. She is an optimistic and idealistic person, and I like that about her. Her kids are cute, although I can assure you bribery leads to bratty behavior. I have a different philosophy about raising children, but we all know parenting is a difficult job…I’m so glad I’m over that hump. I think Jules and Michael are a great couple.

What the ‘Wives Think of Jules Wainstein

It’s REG-gay, Ramona, not reg-GAY! Love her malapropisms and her refusal to accept conventional pronunciation. I think Carole is right that Ramona talks too much, although “talking less and smiling more?" We are Real Housewives, not Stepford Wives! But I regress...Ramona has always talked too much and whoever she dates better be an enthusiastic listener.

See you next week! Until then, God bless.

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