Fan Favorite Sheldon Simeon Reflects On Top Chef Season 14

Fan Favorite Sheldon Simeon Reflects On Top Chef Season 14

He also opens up about bad food trends and his latest projects...

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Sheldon Simeon has been a fan favorite since his days competing on Top Chef season 10 in Seattle officially receiving the fan favorite award for both seasons 10 and season 14! Let's catch up with Sheldon about his favorite Top Chef experiences, new projects and love for Filipino cuisine. What's changed for you since competing on Top Chef?

Sheldon Simeon: You know I've been taking a whole lot more selfies. I used to think my selfie game was always on point, but now I'm working with the angles, I'm taking lighting into consideration, I'm even doing no look selfies! If you could redeem yourself in one challenge from your time on Top Chef, what would it be? 
SS: Of course it would have to be my last challenge. In hindsight, I should have just poached the fish and it would of been awesome. What is the biggest lesson you've learned from competing on Top Chef
SS: Don't try to be something you're not. Be yourself. Always be yourself. What are you working on now?
SS: Still got TinRoof in Maui. Got a new restaurant set to open late Fall 2017 called HALA, regional Hawaiian food, inspired by the various cultures that comprise Hawaii. Looking to open up TinRoof Oahu. Got a show on YouTube with EATER called Cooking in America. What is your favorite dish and why?
SS: POKE (and not those crazy over the top poke bowls that are sweeping the nation). Classic, authentic Hawaiian style poke. Why? Other than it's just plain delicious! It's what I crave when I'm away from home. Super fresh fish, pa'akai (sea salt), inamona (roasted candle nut), limu (seaweed), chili pepper, little sweet onion and a cold one, that's heaven to me. What sets Filipino cuisine apart from other cuisine?
SS: It's still a cuisine that is unknown to many. It's a cuisine that varies greatly depending on the region/island it comes from. If you could work with any chef, who would it be? 
SS: David Kinch. His whole philosophy behind cooking, love for food and constant pursuit of perfection. He exudes the type of chef I hope to be. How did it feel making it to the top three both times you competed on Top Chef
SS: I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. But Top Chef has been an amazing experience, filled with crazy memories that I will cherish forever. What's your favorite memory from competing on Top Chef season 14?
SS: It was when we were in the streets of Valladolid. For our quickfire challenge we had to run to the market, which was like a mile away, to go shopping for our vegetables. I had some leftover cash that I didn't use in the market. On the way back I saw this kid playing in the streets ended sharing a quick moment with him and I gave him the rest of money I had.

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