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Jax: Katie Came at Me

Jax explains why he had to let Katie know about the cheating rumors at lunch, and wonders why Stassi can't get over it.

By Jax Taylor


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Full transcript after the jump.

Hi I'm Jax Taylor and welcome to my video blog.

I thought it was hilarious when Scheana didn't serve Stassi. The fact that even Lisa was there -- I mean that takes balls. I admire that. That's f---in awesome.

I personally think Schwartz getting a puppy just to fix his relationship is a bad idea. It kind of goes back to me getting the tattoo. I probably would try to talk him out of it, but we're men, we think irrationally. We do things on a whim (well I know I do). This is just one of those decisions, one of those choices he's trying to make to fix his relationship.

Every time I see Lisa's closet, it gets bigger and bigger. There has to be like millions of dollars of clothes, and shoes, and jewels in there. You could probably save a country with the amount of stuff that's in there.

I don't want to say that Kristen and I are buddies. You know, we'll never be buddies. I really think that she's obviously still hurt and that katie and her are not friends, so she'll do whatever it takes to hurt her.

Watching Katie and Kristen fight really makes me think how grateful I am that I was able to win all my friends back. Kristen is trying so hard to win everybody back and it's just not happening. So I kind of feel bad for her.

Just watching the scene where just the mention of myself and the guys coming -- Stassi just turns ice cold and walks way. It's been three years and  you still can't get over this? You talk to Kristen? Why can't you talk to me?

After watching the scene [with Tom]. . . I made a promise to Tom. I promised that I would not get involved unless she comes at me. I will be kosher. I will be calm. And I tried my damndest to not get involved. She just came at me with a couple of punches and I just could not resist. 

Thank you very much. I'm Jax Taylor and that's my video blog.

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