D’atra Hicks

Born and raised in New York, D’Atra Hicks began performing at a young age and has an eclectic career spanning from performing on Broadway to becoming a singer. After going to school for music and arts, D’Atra got her break performing in Mama I Want to Sing! as Doris Winter. She continued to star in Grammy and Tony-winning Smokey Joe's Café, A Good Man Is Hard to Find, Madea’s Family Reunion, and Diary of a Mad Black Woman to just name a few. In 1989 while on Broadway, D’Atra received a record deal with Capitol Records and her most popular single, Sweet Talk topped Billboard charts. Today, D’Atra owns her own company, Diamonds Productions, where she offers artistic development and management and she also is a co-owner of the company Tojo/D Entertainment. Among her many talents, D’Atra has a passion for food and has recently launched her own food line called D’Atra’s Kitchen. D’Atra has a 23-year-old daughter, Diamond, whose father is also a circuit actor.

In the play, D’Atra plays the co-lead. Her daughter’s father is Lia’s ex-husband, which causes tensions to rise as they try to work together. Although she is considered the diva of the group, she must prove herself as her reputation is on the line.