Lia Grant

Lia Grant is a producer, writer, actress, model, and performer/singer. She is a veteran on stage, performing in many known plays including Get Thee Behind Me!, Mama, I’m Sorry, Real Men Pray, and My Brother Marvin where she played Tammie Terrell/Tina Turner among many others. She serves as a co-producer for FalkonQwest Enterprises, a multi-media entertainment company that produces films, novels, CDs, and plays. She is currently managing her son, Anthony Lewis, who is an up-and-coming pop-R&B vocalist and actor. 

In the play, Lia plays the leading lady, the most coveted position. She must always be on her A-game as her role is very enviable… especially with D’Atra. Lia and D’Atra have a complicated and drama filled past stemming the last two decades, but Lia is not afraid to speak her mind and do what she needs to do to get her way.