Ginuwine has had a successful music career spanning more than 25 years. He began his career singing in the group, Swing Mob, and after he signed with Epic Records, he went on to release numerous multi-platinum albums and singles. His first four albums, “Ginuwine...The Bachelor,” “100% Ginuwine,” “The Life,” and “The Senior” catapulted him to stardom in the world of R&B. To this day, Ginuwine is known as one of the best R&B artists of his generation, and his music is used in various soundtracks for film and TV. Currently, Ginuwine is on tour 52 weeks out of the year and sells out shows on his US and European tours. Ginuwine has been in the studio and is planning on releasing new music in 2018. Additionally, he recently launched a new merchandise line with his branded logo called “Same ol G”. As an actor, Ginuwine has appeared on Martial Law, Parks and Recreation, and most recently Celebrity Big Brother

This is not his first time in the urban theater scene. In the play, Ginuwine plays the leading man, which increasingly re-sparked his love for acting. Ginuwine has previously worked with his co-stars Lia, D’Atra, and Tondy on various stage plays, and with a history between these characters, love triangles and jealousy were sure to arise.