JD Lawrence

JD Lawrence is one of the most respected writers/directors/actors/producers within the urban theater circuit. He has run his family business, Who’s Laughing Now, producing hit dramedies for the past 25 years. To date, he and his family have launched more than 20 productions, debuting to sold-out theaters across the country. Both of his daughters, Breanna and Taylour, are heavily involved in his latest production.

Lawrence, the author of The DNA of Urban Theater, is known for being unorthodox and extremely strict when it comes to directing, both of which have contributed tremendously to his success and his reputation as “The King of Dramedy.” He is hoping that this play, Your Husband Is Cheating On Us, inspired by his original song by the same name, will push boundaries and take his brand to the mainstream. A lot is riding on this play, so he has chosen top-tier talent that he thinks can bring it to the next level.