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Alex Edelstein & Paul Davis

Patti shoots the cover of her new book, How to Be Your Own Matchmaker, before she heads to the office to see this week’s millionaires: Alex Edelstein, a 39-year-old real estate developer from Las Vegas and Paul Davis, a 23-year-old NBA player for the Los Angeles Clippers. For their initial meeting, Patti is typically outspoken about Alex's outward appearance, telling him he needs a makeover. She also tells him that he doesn’t know how to cultivate love, since he has been treating it like a business for so long. When Patti meets Paul, she encounters a player on and off the court. She tells him that NBA players don't have the best track records with women and wants him to make sure to respect her girls. At the mixer, Alex, who is always the gentleman, decides to woo the women by bringing them gifts from Tiffany's while Paul merely uses his NBA status and good looks to woo the women. Alex chooses a smart woman that can banter with him, while Paul’s choice is unexpected. Prior to his date, Alex gets his hair cut (per Patti’s numerous suggestions), then whisks his date to Las Vegas for a gorgeous dinner. After their meal, Alex surprises her with an impromptu serenade. Paul takes his date to an upscale bowling alley and is convinced that they have a future together.

Aired: 04/02/2009
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