S2 - E12

Kevin Grandier & Anthony Cools

Patti hits the town with her girlfriends who are visiting from Miami, and the girls dish out many good stories on Patti. Back at the office, The Millionaires’ Club takes on Kevin Grangier, a PR/branding guru and Patti’s first gay millionaire. As the founder and owner of his own boutique PR firm, Kevin’s life is consumed by work. Patti’s challenge is to get Kevin to find time for dating and love. Patti’s other millionaire this week is a showy Vegas entertainer named Anthony Cools, who has a show at the Paris hotel in which he hypnotizes audience members to do adult-themed antics. Patti is concerned that the sexual nature of Anthony’s work will be a deterrent to women and asks him to downplay his show, but Anthony feels that whomever he goes on a date with needs to understand and appreciate what he does. On his date, Kevin and his chosen guy travel to his rambling, antebellum estate in his home state of Kentucky. Meanwhile Anthony flies his date out to Vegas and proceeds to play an elaborate, methodically planned practical joke on her as a sort of test to find out if she "gets him."

Aired: 04/23/2009
TV-14 |