S2 - E10

Episode 10: Uri & Zagros

This week Patti meets Uri Mann, a young Israeli born real estate developer and professional salsa dancer, and Zagros Bigvand, an Kurdish Iranian entrepreneur. Upon meeting Uri, Patti insists that he teach her some salsa dance moves. Uri obliges and the two nearly topple over during a dip. Later, Zagros surprises Patti with an unorthodox gift, handing her two boxes of power tools that he markets as part of his business. But Patti is taken aback when she finds that Zagros has slipped very expensive Tiffany jewels in the toolbox. Zagros tells Patti that his family is very important to him and he wants their opinion when it comes to choosing a woman. At a two-way mirror casting session, Zagros surprises everyone when he brings a half a dozen family members, including his mother, to help make a decision. Zagros causes a bit of a stir when he chooses Teal, a scantily clad, out of work model. His family totally disagrees with Zagros’s choice, but Patti thinks that he should go with his gut and think for himself. Uri’s choice is Tatiana, a beautiful Jewish girl. For their date, Uri orchestrates a private dancing lesson from a "Dancing With The Stars" performer, followed by a romantic dinner. Zagros takes his date on a wild animal encounter as the two get up close and personal with lions, tigers and bears… and a monkey.

Aired: 04/16/2009
TV-14 |