S2 - E6

Dave Levine & Shauna Raisch

Ecstatic that her career is taking off in so many different directions, Patti shows off her new book cover, How to Be Your Own Matchmaker, to her staff. In Millionaire’s Club business, this week Patti takes on Shauna Raisch, a 41-year-old “millionairess” who owns an upscale salon in Minneapolis. She is a gorgeous cougar who enlists Patti’s help to find her a hot, young trophy husband. This week Patti also checks back in with her client “Sex Toy” Dave Levine, who appeared on the first season of Millionaire Matchmaker. Patti’s first meeting with Shauna erupts into an exchange of insults when Shauna gets offended by some of Patti’s usual probing questions, prompting Patti to turn over Shauna’s matchmaking duties to Destin. Not wanting to give up his party lifestyle, Dave insists that Patti find him a woman that accepts him for who he is. Patti learns that Dave is not only a partier, but also a swinger and would prefer a bisexual woman. Patti obliges, pairing Dave with an exotic free spirit who is exactly what Dave thinks he wants. Patti decides to not have a traditional mixer for Shauna and Dave, who will each pick one date of their choice while Patti picks the second. Patti picks a sexually open woman for Dave, while Shauna chooses a young stud in his twenties for her date. Despite having very little to talk about during the date, Shauna really likes him because he’s “smoking hot.” Still wanting to sample some of the other attractive men in Patti’s service, Shauna has Patti set her up with another guy from her service who ends up standing Shauna up. Patti comes to the rescue by immediately sending her another sexy twenty-something boy toy. Later, Dave’s second date starts off well when she meets him at his home for a quick twirl around his stripper pole in his living room. However, she may be more then Dave bargained for and it is Dave that has to put on the brakes, realizing that the type of girl he thinks he wants might not be the right type to settle down with….exactly what Patti has been telling him all along.

Aired: 03/19/2009
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