S2 - E9

Michael Prozer & Dr. Robert Nettles

Used to taking care of everyone around her, Patti decides to visit a psychic to see what she needs in her own life. Patti has dated her boyfriend for five years, and is seeking advice for her own situation. Back at the office, her two millionaire clients this week are Michael Prozer, a 32-year-old single dad of two who is the CEO if a company that founded a Pay Pal system for South America and Europe. Dr. Robert Nettles is a 33-year-old facial cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills who is always finding flaws in women and changing them. Patti tries to teach him a lesson by blindfolding him and having him talk to three girls. At the mixer, Dr. Nettles has a hard time picking a woman and ends up losing out on a potential good opportunity. With Patti’s help, both millionaires find dates and Michael whisks his off in his private jet to his home in Florida where they jet ski, golf and cook dinner – all on his property. Dr. Nettles rents out Dodger Stadium for his date.

Aired: 04/09/2009
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