S2 - E3

Laurence Zwirn & Andrew Stern

Patti has two extreme opposites this week with her millionaire clients. Laurence Zwirn is a 39-year-old owner and CEO of the vitamin company, Nature’s Purest, and a total extrovert who says whatever is on his mind. Andrew Stern is a gorgeous, 34-year-old advertising executive who recently started an Internet company called Rip Lounge, and an introvert who never approaches girls on his own, a major flaw in Patti’s opinion. At the office, when Rachel, Destin’s girlfriend, doesn’t bring the right girls in for the recruiting session, Patti makes her staff go back to the drawing board. Tensions are high at Millionaires Club as Rachel, Destin and Chelsea have to start from scratch. At the mixer, Andrew was able to finally come out of his shell and talk to the girls and choose two for his mini date – but one of them just happens to be the same girl Laurence picked. Which millionaire will the girl end up going out with? Andrew took his date on a hike in the Brentwood Hills with champagne and a picnic, while Laurence took his date shopping for an outfit to wear to Nic’s, a bar and restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Aired: 02/26/2009
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