S2 - E7

Matt Hatchette & Jimmy D.

Patti takes her staff to Napa Valley for an employee retreat before they get back to the grind and meet this week’s millionaires: Matthew Hatchette, better known as "Hatch," an ex-NFL player who now works as a film producer; and Jimmy D'Ambrosio, a club owner from Chicago. Both are millionaires who have seen it all, done it all, and are now looking to settle down. When Patti meets with Jimmy D, she realizes that he comes across as cocky with his constant referrals to himself in the third person. When Patti meets Hatch, she discovers that he has a problem with chivalry and thinks she might have to send him to chivalry camp to learn how to be a gentleman. At the mixer to meet potential dates, Jimmy D and Hatch spend more time trying to entertain the women than getting to know them, so Patti is forced to step in and introduce them to specific girls she had in mind for them. Hatch takes his date to a cooking lesson where Top Chef's Ryan Scott helps them prepare a delicious meal. Jimmy D takes his date on a limousine ride around Los Angeles followed by a fantastic meal at an Italian restaurant.

Aired: 03/26/2009
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