S3 - E9

Ayinde and Will

Patti is slammed trying to balance both the planning of her upcoming wedding—this week it’s cake tasting—and running the Millionaire’s Club, which is busier than ever. Up first for Patti is ex-professional volleyball player Ayinde Alakoye. He’s 37-years-old, well built, tall, with everything going for him. One problem ... he’s a self-proclaimed commitment-phobe. Patti can’t hide her disappointment. After meeting Ayinde in person, Patti quickly discovers that although he clearly wants love, there’s something deep inside that’s preventing him from committing long-term to a woman. Patti is going to have to bring in her favorite relationship therapist, Dr. Nicki, to help Ayinde confront his past so he can accept love in his future. Next up is Will Ratner, a $40 million trust fund baby from Los Angeles. He’s a good looking guy, but the minute he opens his mouth, it’s over. He’s arrogant, selfish, and worst of all, he’s cheated on several girlfriends! If there’s one thing Patti can’t stand, it’s a cheater. Patti meets Will in person and is floored by how self-centered he can be. Will defends his cheating past, but lets Patti know he’s ready to change and settle down with one woman. He shocks Patti by telling her he’s willing to sacrifice having a girl with looks, for one with goals and aspirations. After a stern lecture on manners and putting women first, Patti leaves, still not fully convinced that "the rat" is ready to change his ways.

Aired: 03/23/2010
TV-14 |