Rupert and Smike

Rupert and Smike

Season 3 |
Aired: February 9, 2010

Patti definitely has her hands full this week: Hollywood Director Rupert Wainwright is 48-years-old, and knows it all. This Rhodes Scholar from Oxford, England wants Patti to help him find a great gal to share his life with, but Patti soon discovers that this will not be a simple task. Rupert is an ageist, telling Patti that his ideal woman would never be older than 29. The good news for Patti is that her other client is a dream come true. Smike Wallen is 41, handsome, rugged, smart, sensitive and gay! Patti immediately sees his one downfall, though – Smike travels so much he has not been able to set down roots, preventing any real long-term relationship from developing. She also needs to rid Smike of his tendencies to date younger men, much like Rupert.

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