S3 - E3

Shauna and Michael

Patti announces that she is sick and tired of dealing with some of her old clients. It is time to clean up the old files and make way for new clients. But Destin has a big surprise for Patti. There is one client they just can’t shake yet: Shauna Raisch, 42, Patti’s arch nemesis from last season, is back for more, but this time Destin insists she is ready to take Patti’s advice and date men that are much more “age appropriate.” Patti isn’t happy, but is ready to give her another shot. Patti’s other client this week is a real treat –young, rich, with movie star good looks, Michael Persall, 30, is her dream client. But when she meets him, the truth comes out: he is painfully shy and has a hard time talking to girls. Patti is going to have to think of something extra special to pull Michael out of his shell.

Aired: 02/02/2010
TV-14 |